Friday, 25 February 2011

Christy Tomlinson's She Art Workshop

Hi, hi, hi.

After teaching the Tips for the Twitter-curious class earlier this month and after spending my working week sitting in on someone else's studies ... I've enrolled myself in a classof my own choosing!

It's Christy Tomlinson's She Art Workshops ... and it looks like a lovely place to rest my weary head in someone else's arty hands for a few weeks:

You can read more about it here but - in brief - it's a mixed media class which I thought might keep me inspired to create and experiment with messy art techniques and backgrounds.

Plus it's the first class I've seen - since taking Dina Wakley's classes at Art From the Heart last year - which has eally grabbed me and felt like my kind of creativity [ie. expressive and imperfect, with every chance of messiness and a high risk of staining an item of clothing in the process!]

BTW: I'm in no way affiliated to this class! It just looks like it's going to be good so I'm telling you now ... before it's too late to sign up. Registration closes on the 27th.

I've already got two friends on board ... so if you too decide to join in let me know and I'll keep my eyes peeled in class for you - apparently there's a forum and dedicated space for us to chat and share our efforts.

With four deadlines to meet and a four day break in the country to fit-in over the next week and while feeling slightly under-par at the moment ... there's no way I'll be keeping up with the class. But that's OK, I'll catch up sometime or other ...

In the meantime I'll just sit back and enjoy the fact that someone will be teaching me something they're good at.

And that's very near the top of my list of favourite things to do in the world!

I'll let you know how I get on ... don't forget to let me know if you sign-up too.

Julie :-)



  1. It looks brilliant and hoping it'll be right up your street at the moment, with plenty of messy fun. Love your attitude; how wonderful to decide before you begin that you are not going to try and keep up! So gentle on oneself!

  2. See you there for some messy creativeness :)

  3. OOh I am doing it too...see you over there..can't wait!!!

    Kirsti xx


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