Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Twitter-curious giveaway: full details

Hi, hi, hi.

For those of you sick of me harping on about Twitter I'm almost done. Hang on in there.

[I'm guessing there's a least a couple who couldn't wait judging by the drop of 2 or 3 blog followers. However, since I began the classes my Twitter followers increased by 100 ... so it's all swings and roundabouts and my ego's just to say battling through! ;-)]

Anywho ...

As I mentioned back at the beginning I'm offering a handmade, stitched paper collage, like those available in my etsy shop, as a prize for one of the Twitter-curious amongst you.

This is what's on offer:

A few birds plus a simple message. Seems to add up to my entire life's philosophy really. Like birds. Be happy. Fly free. Wear pink dresses ...

And it [the collage, not the pink dress] can be yours if:

  • You share a link to Tips for the Twitter-curious class on your blog.

Clearly I'm asking for this as it will help bring attention to my own blog and my love of writing and sharing and teaching but also ... I hope that in sharing the tips with your existing blog network, you'll draw in some of the Twitter-curious who you already know ... and who already know and like you and what you have to say. And then, if they pick up the Twitter habit too, your network will expand naturally and you'll take familiar people with you.

  • I believe I also rashly said somewhere that you could even enter by tweeting about it!

I say 'rashly' not because I don't want you to spread the word through Twitter [that would be dumb of me considering the nature of the class!] but ... but I'm not sure how I can keep track of all of those of you who already have!

So, to be eligible:

  • Please leave me a comment on this post letting me know if you have tweeted a link to Twitter-curious it at any point in the class. I'll trust you!
  • If you've already blogged it and left me a comment earlier - I'll go back over the comments, I'll seek out your name and I'll post it in the comments beneath this post too. Unless you get there before me and want to be sure I don't miss you!
  • If you don't see your name there before the deadline ... please remind me.

Deadline = 00:00 GMT - on Sunday 27th February. I'll draw a winner at random sometime on the 28th.


Ok then, that's all I've got on Twitter for now. Unless I'm actually on Twitter, because then I'm all about the Twitter ... but it's really over to you ...

I've held your hand, willingly, for the last 3 weeks and you know where I am if you need me, but for now ... I think it's time you flew the nest:

Tweet well and tweet often my Curious-chicks.

Julie :-)


  1. yes i agree: wearing pink dresses = happiness!

  2. Ooh gorgeous. Am pretty sure I've retweeted a few of your tweets... not sure that counts and not totally sure to be honest as was out of it for most of it. Spaced on my various bronchial concocted experimentations that didn't really cure but certainly knocked out... anyhoo... definitely blogged *g*

    As for the blog drop outs - poo poo to them, who needs 'em when you have 100 more and we stayers are quality! QUALITY stalkers I tells ya!

  3. Tiffcjordan ( twitter ID)February 13, 2011 9:12 pm

    I've just tweeted a recommendation to this class. Loving it! Thanks Julie for the work you've put into it x

  4. Thanks for the Twitter Curious class Julie, I enjoyed learning more about the Twitterverse & how to set up a Twitterfeed - finally lol

    PS the word verification is fackhob - made me chuckle


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