Monday 14 November 2011

Purple Phase: purple with stone, brown + teal

Hi, hi, hi.

Thanks for the ideas you left on my previous outfit post, and for the tweets, about the kind of fashion posts you wouldn't mind seeing here in future. I'll be bearing it all in mind for the new year.

[And thanks to all those who aren't interested at all but who held their tongue and didn't tell me!]

I did joke to someone, who said she struggled to wear scarves, that I'd create a Tips for the Scarf-Curious class for her ... which was an exaggeration ... but Sarah, look, there's some specific scarf-talk in today's post!

So ... here's this week's wardrobe ponderings complete with colour-palette:
Once again, I've used brown with purple for a warmer, softer effect than black. And as this is a nice warm pinky-purple I think the combination works nicely:
I mentioned way back near the start of the series how you can easily balance-out a new or vivid colour in an outfit / scrapbook page / creative project if you use it at least twice on the 'canvas' - like my scarf + skirt in a similar shade:
I have lots of scarves and in the colder months they pretty much replace necklaces for me. I wear them most days, all day long [rather than just as something to keep me warm outside].

Having them in plenty of colours and patterns gives me the ability to match shades and make an 'outfit' from individual items of clothing.
Best of all, you can ask for scarves for Christmas/birthdays from anyone - even those who don't know your vital statistics - and there's no danger that they won't fit!

Let's face it, you probably will get a scarf .. or two ... or three ... without even asking for them [this one was a gift - and probably not something I'd have gone out searching for] but if you wear them as everyday accessories they'll all come in useful - colour-matching-wise - eventually!

I keep mine in an open basket in the hallway so I can easily grab one before going out.
Skirt: H&M ¦¦ Cardigan: H&M ¦¦ Leggings: Primark ¦¦ T-shirt: New Look ¦¦ Boots: Ugg

I don't know what you've learned from this series so far but personally I've learned that I have a lot of clothes from H&M! Which puzzled me for a while  ...

... until I realised it's the first/last fashion store I come to when I walk through the town to/from work ... and everything became clear!


I'll be back pretty much every day this week I think ... turns out I've got a lot to pack in, before scooting off for the weekend, including a post my final Purple Phase special guest!

See you soon enough.



  1. Awesome! I feel like I should make you a scarf ;)

    I also feel like I should gather all of my scarves and put them by the door. See, you are a fashion goddess.


  2. I've got lots of scarves that I don't wear because I always wear a necklace which gets caught in the scarf. Doh!Thank you for pointing out the obvious - to wear the scarf instead of the necklace. Result!

  3. I'm laughing here because I think I might have jumped the gun with my guest post! I wear a scarf so often that when TSO wears one, she comes home and says "everyone says I'm just like my mum!"

  4. I have piles of scarves, but I always wear the same one (I'm wearing it now & have been since 8am this morning), it's burgundyish, & I've had it since I was 16, it even has the smell of my perfume permanently impregnated in it, it just won't wash out lol.
    C xx

  5. Smiling here at both your post and Sian's comment, because when I went to take Mum out this week, I realised we were both wearing scarves knotted the same way. Eeek, I've turned into my mother.

  6. I love scarves and you are so right, it makes the perfect gift! I really like this shade of purple with the brown, these are not colours I would have thought to put together and yet they go very well!


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