Friday 4 November 2011

Purple Phase: purple with lilac, lavender + green

Hi, hi.

Throughout this series I've been trying to show purple in a new light by offering a few unexpected colour combinations and suggesting modern, casual ways to use it .... but then ...

... I put together this palette:
And I think it's the most traditional one yet. I'm contrary like that!

The colours are actually taken from the birthday card I made for my Mam last month:

And, it looks like something in the traditional colour-combinations have rubbed off on the design too as this isn't entirely my usual cardmaking style. However, it's retro in feel ... and that is my style.

I really wanted to use this illustration from a children's comic because [without the lamb] it looks quite like photos of my Mam when she was little:
Another thing which again, does feel like me, is the mix of white with cream I've used. I know sometimes this is classed as a no-no, but I like the effect. I like that the cream warms-up the white while the white adds a clean feel to the cream.

And, in such a traditional colour-scheme, the purple here seems to take care of itself!

Here's a few of the supplies I used:

  • There's only 3 weeks of purple posts remaining, but the Pinterest board will stay where it is indefinitely.
In other news ....
  • I finally worked out how to install a Facebook Page 'Like' box on here!
  • So if you'd like to Like my page [where I'll be posting about various paper products from my shop], then it's over in my sidebar. I'd be very happy to see your face hovering there!
And that's all really, apart from to mention I seem to be utterly surrounded by alliterative activities this weekend:
  • I'm working on Purple Phase posts and Plundered Pages packs;
  • I need to make a layout to go with the story I'm preparing to blog for Sian's Storytelling Sunday;
  • and I'm going to a birdwatching event called Soup + Starlings!
How about you?

Do your weekend plans involve picking out pretty purple papers? Or cooking cute cupcakes? Or just simply sleeping soundly?

Whatever it is, thanks for stopping by today, I'll see you very soon.

Julie :-)


  1. Julie, I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed this series and I don't know that I have been a good blog reader and posted to say that yet. I might have, memory ain't what it was :) I enjoy them as you do them so well, but moreover I think more about what I wear or would like to wear. I'm a bit like my layouts or rather I suppose my layouts are like me and they are neutral with a splash of turquoise. Since I have been scrapping over the last 18 months I have learned to be better at choosing different colours for layouts and with your purple posts I have finally started looking at the clothes and colours I choose for other areas of my life. Cool of ya! My bank manager says Hi :)

  2. I too am loving the series as I am a big purple fan. I haven't scrapped with it for a while as it was my wedding colours - along with turquoise and so I overdid it with the wedding album. Will have to get going with it again though!

  3. My weekend, as per usual, involves chasing around after my cheeky children!

    Another great purple post, I like the White and cream together too. X

  4. a pretty card Julie. I like the green and purple pallet too, I have enjoyed your purple posts although i'm yet to scrap in purple. It's on my to-do list!

    enjoy your soup and starlings, my weekend will be full of fancy fireworks!

  5. Your green and purple combination makes for a really pretty card. Purple phase has made look at all things 'purple' in a new light. I'm hoping to fit a little creativity into my weekend at some point.

  6. Purple is still my fave colour! Love this palette Julie & beautiful card. My wedding dress was Lilac, my bridesmaid was in lavender & my colour scheme for tables & invites etc was purple!

  7. As you know, Julie, your purple posts and plundered pages have positively propelled me along new and perfectly delightful pathways!

  8. I think that's a really pretty combination. And white and cream? Love them together. Might be heading that way with my Christmas album this year.


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