Monday 7 November 2011

Purple Phase: Using purple in my bedroom

Hi, hi.

I thought I'd start the week with a look at how I've used purple in my bedroom and, if you read yesterday's post, about the heirloom I keep on my chest of drawers, then you might just recognise something in one of the photos later on.

As I've mentioned a million times already once or twice during this series, I like to use purple as part of a pattern and nowhere is that more obvious than in my bedroom. The patterns I use there often have lots of other colours running through them alongside purple, then today's palette looks like this:
If I told you my bedroom was pink and purple ... I fear you'd get the wrong idea.

I fear you'd start picturing it as something resembling the terrifying plastic kingdom which is the little girls' aisle of Toys R Us.

But, I'm very happy to report, that that's not what it looks like. No, it looks like this:

Because I'm flighty and contrary and liable to change my mind about things our bedroom is a permanent blank canvas:
  • all white walls [although I think they could've added 'finding the right shade of white paint' to the list of Hercules's Labours - it was that hard!];
  • light neutral carpet;
  • white wardrobes and bedside tables;
  • white blackout blind - no curtains;
  • wooden chest of drawers.
On to this neutral base I can add any set colours I choose without having to redecorate and a simple change of bedding can change the entire feel of the room.

This is one of my favourite combinations - especially as they didn't come as part of a set - I just found them, loved them and combined them:
So when I say I like patterns ... you might just believe me now!
I love how there are so many colours in there which are not automatically thought of as co-ordinating with purple - there's grey in there, turquoise, yellow, orange, coral ... and more.

Do you think maybe the idea for a purple series came to me in my sleep, by osmosis?

Now, let me spin you around from facing the bed, so you can see the drawers at the end of the bed:
A cluster of purple ornaments, some vintage, some new and a painted hollowed-out gourd with a lid [a gift from someone!]. Oh and a pom-pom I once made:
I think it's this combination of the purple against the wood that gave me my ideas about purple / natural textures  I've been referrig to throughout the series. That and the purple cushions on my brown leather settee [which I might try to squeeze in before the end of the series!].

Now, before I go here's a peek at where the pot I inherited from my Grandma, the subject of yesterday's post, now resides:
My Grandma also liked lots of colours and patterns, so I think she'd approve of her ornament's new home.
So, now that I've shown you around my bedroom I guess we really know one another! If nothing else if you're someone who finds patterns difficult, I hope it gave you a few ideas about how much fun mixing them can be.

[Either that or you're sat there wondering how on earth I sleep with all those print clashes going on!]


I'll be back in a day or two with another outfit post, until then I should mention that:
  •  I've added more themed paper packs to my shop today. There were more, but I'm delighted to say that they've already sold!  So do have a glance if you've got time.
  • If they're not for you ...maybe you might find a Christmas gift for a creative friend amongst them.
  • And, if there's a particular theme - or combination of themes - you'd like I'm actually going to work on a questionnaire to help people choose a custom pack but until then, just have a think and get in touch. [By email or etsy convo, either is fine with me].

OK, I'm going to leave you be for now. I hope you're warm and cosy - it was most definitely a Winter's day here today complete with frost and the need to wear gloves!

See you soon.

Julie :-)


  1. oh Julie, would you believe me if i said my bedroom is pink and purple....although until this moment i had never considered the purple...i also refer to it as pink!! In a houseful of boys I had to have some pink somewhere! I will definitely have to take some photos now xx

  2. Love purple + prints.... & your room! :)

  3. You have such a good eye for these things - I wouldn't have put those patterns together, but they are so lovely and work brilliantly. I also love the picture on your wall - but would find it too disconcerting to sleep under!

  4. Neautral walls all through our house though more magnolia than white (rented house.) I say the same thing to the girls - that it will be easier for them to change what they want to do with their rooms.

    Love your pom pom :D That's a big 'un!

  5. I agree with your comment re choosing the right shade of white!! We too have kept walls neutral to allow for easy decor changes. Love having a peep inside someones house - love all the little bits and pieces you have put around the room - that is what our bedroom lacks.

  6. You have such a talent for putting colours and patterns together ... I am filled with the urge to rush out and completely change our current pale colours for something energising yet soothing and so perfectly striking. If you ever want a job as in interior designer ...

  7. i love the purple phase stuff; it's so pretty - purple is definitely my favourite colour of all time. I love that mug with the big face - it's so awesome. have a great tuesday xx

  8. Can you tell me where you got the print with the flowers on it?! It has inspired my wedding planning and it would be great if I could get my hands on it! Thanks

  9. Hi Cherry - do you mean the bedding? Both of the floral designs were from the La Redoute catalogue ... but that was around 6 or 7 years ago now.

    I'm not sure that helps you! But enjoy the wedding planning!

    Julie :-)


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