Friday, 24 August 2012

Scrapbooking with Plundered Pages: One of Yours?

Hi, hi, hi.

I've spent much of the week cutting into dozens of vintage books in order to create the Autumn range of Plundered Pages packs [I also, almost accidentally, created another, brand new, art-journaling inspired range while I was there ... but that's a story for another day!] ... back to Plundered Pages ...

Yes, so, I've had some quality time with old books and a blade this week which has led to:
  • fewer paper cuts than you might imagine;
  • zero craft knife accidents;
  • as much sneezing as you might imagine and;
  • as many delayed meals as anyone who gets as absorbed as I do in some tasks will recognise!
It's also meant that I thought it was a good time to share another scrapbook page I've made using the kinds of vintage paper items which go into my Plundered Pages. Not only to prove that vintage items are something I use, and love, in my own crafting, above and beyond creating the packs for you too ... but also ...

... because I was very touched that several of you left comments on my recent layout posts telling me you'd actually missed me sharing my pages here. That came as a surprise. A nice one, but a surprise just the same!

So here's my latest:
That figure heading off down to the sea is my Dad.

He didn't know I took that photo at the time. He will now I guess!

Hello Dad.

As I watched him wander off toward the waves, where there was a large ship on the horizon, I wondered if he was remembering his time in the shipbuilding industry ... which is where the vintage pages come in to their own:
Buttons: 3DJean ¦¦ Cloud sticker: Echo Park
As you can probably tell, the flags, taken from an old encyclopedia, depict various shipping companies one of which I'm pretty convinced he actually used to work for! [I'm sure he'll let me know ... by text ... any minute now ...].

Once I'd found such a perfectly appropriate page, I was more than happy ... but still went on to seek out a few extra, complimentary, items as I generally like to use at least 3 instances of the same element on my pages as it:
  • [a] balances things out and ...
  • [b] helps prevent the 'sneeze effect' as my friend Jan would call it: where items look out of place and randomly, aimlessly, sneezily, thrown down on the page!
So next  I added in a little snippet about sea conditions, from the same encyclopedia:
And then I turned to my vintage postage stamp collection and found something suitably nautical to tuck beneath my photo:
Wooden disc: The Range ¦¦ Metal charm: The Ribbon Girl
 Then finally I snipped some wording from a 1970s children's comic to add to the top amongst some appropriate phrases on the backing paper [Studio Calico, Heyday]:
I made the triangle / wave design by inking over just the top section of this Christmas Tree mask 
And the finished result again [to prevent you scrolling back up again and getting carpal tunnel syndrome. See how I take care of you?]:

Right then, I'm off to make my dining table vanish beneath oceans of vintage paper. And I'm not coming up for air until I've turned them into a new selection of Plundered Pages.

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I'll see you soon ...



  1. When I scrolled down as I was reading and came to your lovely page about your Dad, I went 'Ohhh!' I don't think it was just the figure on the beach (always evocative) but the combination of colours and the marine-related items. You do this so well ... Another visual delight - and your blog-writing isn't half bad either :)

  2. alexa is so right...another visual delight....she's also right about the blog writting. You never fail to make me smile!!

    A beautiful page... all the appropriate elements that make it so interesting.

  3. Couldn't agree more with Alexa...wonderful page.

  4. Once again, a beautiful scrapbook page. When you use vintage ephemera on your pages, do you worry about the archival qualities of the elements you are using, or isn't it really a big deal? I have a few older items such as dictionary pages I would like to use, but wonder if they will stand the test of time. Maybe it isn't much of an issue? I'm curious what others think.

  5. Well I'm impressed that your dad reads your blog and knows how to text:))) Lovely atmospheric layout. Yes I have missed your layouts too:)

  6. Lovely to see a layout. I love the wistful air of this one.

  7. What a wonderful page (and tribute to your dad's past). I love your attention to details and enjoyed looking at all the different elements!

  8. This is such a great page. Love the neutral colours and the layering.

  9. A beautiful page and the flag and encyclopedia elements are just perfect. Just gorgeous x

  10. Julie this is just sooooo lovely! Every perfect snippet ,Stunning!

  11. Fantastic page, I love how many bits you've found to 'fit', and I like that wooden disc from the range. All very nautical and atmospheric! x


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