Thursday, 16 August 2012

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt: the town centre edition

Hello, ahoy, greetings.

Here's another update on my scavenger hunt - [for all the details on it hop over to Gallo Organico to visit Rinda who is mistress of the hunt!]

If you remember my post a week or so ago about the day the fountains stood still then the town square featuring in today's post will already be familiar to you.

I did wonder if I'd ever find a suitable photo for this next category and then I remembered that, alongside the [dry, non-fountainy] fountain ... there's this ...

12. A maze, labyrinth or trail:
They're steel plates set into the ground which wind alongside the art gallery, law courts and Town Hall in all kinds of abstract designs.

Many a morning have I strolled across it on my way to my university job and it can be slightly treacherous on a wet or frosty day. [Walking across frozen plate steel I mean. Not the uni job!].

It's one of those kinds of trails that you do tend to follow along the shape of it as you walk, perhaps without even realising. Even though you could cut across the grass at any angle, you somehow get pulled along by the path as it's set out for you:
Frustratingly the small building in the centre of the photo [above] is a registry office ... you know ... where people get married ... which I'd have put good money, on a mid-summer Saturday morning would have had at least one happy couple milling around it!

But no. Not a one. Which leaves Number 16. A bride still firmly on my list of photos still to find!

This next one however, was easier to cross off the list. Seeing how it's been in the town square for precisely 100 years, I knew where to go looking for it ...

13. A library:
It's a Carnegie-built library currently celebrating its Centenary year ... and I really ought to visit its shelves more often.  A morning spent re-acquainting myself with its fine selection of literary novels  is on my list of things to do before Summer's out.

And finally ... but unsurprisingly not on the list ...

When I spun around from taking the photos of the library this is what I saw:
Sir Samuel Alexander Sadler, one of the founders of the chemical industry in the area ... avidly watching the Olympics live on the big screen from his perfect vantage point.

It's like they built the screen there just for him!

Right then, I've only 4 more scavenger hunt photos to find now and I'm done!

And if I can find someone dancing while buying something from a roadside stand being served by a bride in a hammock ... then I'm golden!

Julie :-)


  1. My library looks in no way as lovely a building but I suppose it's what is on the inside that counts :)

  2. .... Doesn't Middlesbrough look pretty!

  3. You've really shown your home town off to its best advantage, Julie! Love that path ... Yep, we're a bit bridally depleted over here too. I'm going to have to take to peering at the banns in shady church porches!

  4. A bride is causing me trouble too. Wish our library was as lovely looking as yours x

  5. lol, love that last photo!!

  6. ha ha I love the last one too. I found the bride really hard! I felt I couldn't really gate crash a wedding but it was getting desperate! I have just found out about your height of summer series. Such fun!
    My post is here..

  7. Very interesting photos and stories! Thanks for sharing!:-)

  8. Oh Julie,
    how I love all your commentary!
    And that library door is really cool.

  9. Good luck with the dancing bride who is buying a hammock from the roadside, thats one photo I really want to see.
    Did I ever tell you I used to live just around the corner from that library

  10. Love the trail path...but can see its treachery!!

  11. I am still very much working on my list and I LOVE the last one of yours!!! I also like the look of your old library, it is calling my name as it must possess many treasures!
    I also wanted to share this link with you as it made me think about you right away! It is genius:


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