Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Height of Summer: A truly tall tale

Hi you.

When I blogged this photo of me last week - as part of The Height of Summer series - I joked that, after discovering I was a quarter of an inch taller than I thought, ... I might have grown.

Well ... I say I was joking ...

For all you know I might actually have sent off for the [rather dubious] 'Height Increase System' after spotting an advert for it in this 1957 Blighty magazine:
Here it is ... see if you're tempted:

My favourite lines:
  • Be taller and see what a wonderful difference it will make to your everyday life.
  • You will no longer be overlooked by taller folk.
  • You will be noticed and admired by both sexes.
  • You will COMMAND attention.
How much more attention do you think my new found 1/4 of an inch will let me command?
Maybe I shouldn't be too quick to dismiss this as a con though ... someone who left a comment on that earlier post grew an inch through practising yoga. Maybe that's all this magic 'Height Increase System' was.

But seeing as the ad's now 55 years old, I think I'm a bit late to find out!


If you've got a tall tale or a short story of your own to tell [or if you're looking for ideas on how else to join in] then just click the image below for more details.
If you're still debating whether to join in in some way let me try to twist your arm:
  • I think it would be a bit of fun but not just because you'd be joining in and linking up to me and my blog ...
  • but for all those people who know you through your blog.
Even while you're linking to me and I'll be pinning it to the Pinterest board for all to see:
  • ultimately it's your readers who you'll be sharing the post with.
  • and it's your personal blogging community who'll get a kick from hearing whether you fit that image they have of you in their heads!
I am still collecting and collating the profile photos + heights of those who've shared theirs so far with me! We currently range from 4'11 to 6' ... and you're welcome to throw your own in the mix any time this month - either in a post of your own - or simply in a comment below.

I'll see you soon.

 Julie :-)

p.s: The sun's been shining and I've had a good week so I'm in a good mood ... all of which means I'm celebrating with 10% all orders in my shop using the code GOODTHINGS10 at the checkout.  [Until next Friday 17 Aug 2012]. Enjoy :-)


  1. Mmm, I think I may have a 'little' story that I can contribute. Be back soon x

  2. I have been thinking about an interesting way of joining it but haven't thought of anything yet. I might just go check out that pinterest board and see if I am inspired.

  3. Have posted a response on my blog today.

  4. Posted a response - but late, which is the way my summer has been!


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