Monday, 6 August 2012

The Height of Summer: I *might* have grown

Hi, hi.

Stop everything. I might have grown.

Either that or I haven't measured myself for a while and had completely forgotten my own true height.

Or else my shampoo has done a really good job at boosting volume!

Because, while - in preparation for this ... my Height of Summer series - I've been telling you all that I'm 5ft 2in ... after getting James to measure me [with a pencil line on the garden gate] it turns out I'm not 5ft 2in.

I'm 5ft 2 ... AND A QUARTER inches!

Now that I've had this growth spurt ... surely this means I'm going to need to buy some new clothes? Surely?


Now that I've shown you mine ... are you going to show me yours?

For one month only, I'm encouraging you all to step out from behind the computer and in front of the camera and share with me + your own blog readers how tall you are.

I'm still mulling over the bast way to line us all up ... maybe just a linked list ... maybe with photos??? Not sure yet [suggestions welcome].

But ... if you don't fancy that - fear not ... there are lots of other ways to share a tall tale or a short story* or two - check out this post for many more ideas on how to get involved with The Height of Summer with or without photos of you.

I'll be pinning any posts [who link back to the series] here in The Height of Summer Pinterest board ... I hope to see you there in some shape or form!

Julie :-)

* Thank you Sian for that brilliantly simple yet perfect phrase! Am kicking myself I didn't think of it! x]


  1. You only want me to join in because I will make you look tall ;-)
    I aspire to be 5' 2". 5'2" would be wonderful for me, and at 5'2" and a quarter - well, you're just boasting now!

    Debs - 5' 1" :-(

  2. That quarter inch makes all the difference! ;)

  3. I'm worried I might have shrunk! But I will be brave and join at some point in the month, I need to work up to taking a photo of me in all of my shortness.

  4. That quarter inch is important! My mom always said she was 5'4", but then would feel guilty, I guess and correct herself. "Well, actually, 5'3-3/4" lol Tall isn't always good either! I've been the 'shelf reacher' since the 5th grade when I hit my height at 5'9".
    Hope you're having a great day!

  5. Did you measure yourself at different times of day? Apparently you are taller in the morning than the evening, by which time gravity has compressed your spine! While you sleep it lengthens out again.
    I grew a whole inch when i did yoga because it stretches and lengthens your spine.

  6. Definitely yes to more clothes as a celebration. And I think a pair of shoes is also in order! (only because you love them, not because you're not wearing any, I hasten to add).

  7. I believe I got taller because i really, really wanted to get taller!

  8. hehehe! You remind me of my mom. She is 5'4 3/4". Heaven help you if you forget the 3/4"!!!! Unfortunately for her I reached her height when I was 10. Fortunately for her, I stopped growing around the age of 12. :-)

  9. adorable picture! I have lost almost an inch because of the srthritis in my knees :(, I have always loved my height so continue to say I am the height I have been since 13...5'8"

  10. Love your quirky grin in this photo! Perhaps you should measure yourself each summer, just in case you're still growing...!


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