Tuesday, 16 October 2012

3D project: Nostalgic Countdown to Christmas


Warning: today's post may contain traces of Christmas ... and my sister's as yet undelivered birthday present.
  1. you're someone who's still kidding themselves that Christmas is aaaages away [in fact you lost that excuse when we passed the '100 days to go' point] .. and ...
  2. you're my sister.  [You know who you are.]
Granted there may be more of you in the former category than the latter ... but still ...

I wouldn't normally blog a gift before I'd given it but the whole of the 3DJean Design Team blog are sharing their similar projects this month, and so I'm fitting in with that.

Don't worry about it spoiling the surprise for my sister ...  when we were growing up [and probably to this day] of the two of us she was the one who didn't feel the need to turn the house upside down searching for Christmas presents ... because it would spoil the surprise. And I don't even think she opened up Easter eggs early, carefully peeled the foil off, pilfered the sweets from inside and then wrapped it all back up again.

That would have been me.

So, now we've got that clear ... let's move on to the project in question [see bottom of post for full supplies list]:
It's based on an idea from Design Team members Effie and Jean - so I can't take the credit for transforming what is listed as a 'wooden keyholder' into a clever Christmas Countdown:
But, once I'd seen theirs I adapted it in my own way, to fit in with some supplies I wanted to use and to create a nostalgic vintage feel:
 As usual, all of the DT began with the same blank canvas and came up with very different results.

[You can keep an eye on the 3DJean blog for the further examples coming soon, and there's a non-festive take from Effie already there.]

For further details and tips on how to achieve a similar look visit my 3DJean Design Team post  here.

And I'll see you back here soon.

Julie :-)

Supplies used:

Available from 3DJean:
  • Twine, velvet ric rac, jute mesh; buttons: all from The Ribbon Girl
  • Elasticated gingham trimming - used beneath the eaves: from a local haberdashery
  • Tim Holtz Idea-ology Fasteners 'Trinket Pins'
  • Glittery deer: from Boyes
  • Kaisercraft 'Tiny Alpha Stickers: from Merly Impressions


  1. Very nice - very nice :) It's got me thinking about maybe putting together a Christmas countdown of some sort for us, too (once I can get at my craft supplies again!)

    My brother used to eat all the chocolates out of his advent calendar by about 6th December. And then he's start on mine, working backwards, so I'd get to about the 10th and suddenly there's be nothing behind the little doors.... :(

  2. Lovely! I'm am tentatively starting to plan for Christmas, even had a bit of a muse about card design the other day. But the best bit? I got J to order me a new doll dress pattern book from Japan and he has hidden it away and I'm really looking forward to it. I like to wait for a surprise, but I also like a peep to enhance the anticipation!

  3. This is so lovely and vintagey....gorgeous.

  4. How pretty and vintagey (is it a word? If it isn't, it should be. Despite always promising to be more organise each year, it (Christmas) still manages to sneak up on me when I'm not expecting it!

  5. Gorgeous Julie, as for Christmas, I'll just let it sneak up on me, like it does every year lol
    C xx

  6. Such a clever idea and I love your version as I'm sure your sister will.


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