Friday, 26 October 2012

Art Journaling: Where's my head at?

Hello, hello.

The Making Spot, the umbrella site to a whole host of crafty magazines eg. Papercraft Inspirations, Mollie Makes and home to loads of crafty downloads, tutorials and more, are having a pre-Halloween Spooky Weekend ... and I've contributed my own small portion of spooky to it.

Here's a quick glimpse:
If you want to know how that sentence finishes ... and what it's got to do with both Halloween and the 'Where's my head at?' title of this blog post ... then visit my guest blog post here where I've got lots of suggestions on where to turn to create something similar in your own journal.

Plus, if you were interested in the style of my recent recipe card journal then I think you might like to see this slightly macabre adaptation!

As for where my own head's at ... well ... it's in a somewhat better place following a successful operation on a [very much] loved one this week. Who knows I may even feel like blogging again soon ... or even tackling the ironing ... no, wait ... that might be taking things a bit too far ... maybe not the ironing ...

But whatever the state of my creased clothing ... I'm aiming to definitely return next Wednesday with My Month in Numbers. See you there maybe?

Now, before it goes out of your head, go and hop to my Making Spot post here.

Julie :-)


p.s: The Making Spot is somewhere you can find [and download] a selection of individual tutorials and articles, rather than buying the whole magazine and, if you're interested, all of mine which are currently available are here.  [fyi: I do not receive commission from these, so that's not why I'm pointing you there!]


  1. Sorry to hear you've had things on your mind lately - I'm glad the operation went well xx The page is fab, thanks for the link! :)

  2. Definitely NOT the ironing! Sorry to hear you've had worries recently but pleased to hear that the op went well. Just off to check your links ...

  3. So glad all is well now, and hoping it stays so. Do leave the ironing - it's Montalbano in forty minutes! As ever, your page is intriguing to look at, and I've been over to see the rest of it :).

  4. Im sorry you have had things to think about. Hope you feel good soon. No to ironing, life is much to short for that. Off to follow your link.

  5. Missed your posts but glad to hear all is well with your loved one. Oh and step away from the ironing right NOW!


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