Sunday 7 October 2012

Storytelling Sunday: The Shocked Policeman's Mother-in-law?


As it's the first Sunday of a new month Sian - of From High in the Sky - is once again hosting her 'Storytelling Sunday'. Drop in on her here to find out more.

Now let me begin ...

My ears are always open for snippets of fabulous, funny and found conversations.

And if you're a regular here you'll know that after I've had my ears open for these snippets of fabulous, funny and found conversations ... I tend to scribble them down in my notebook ... and then blog about them here.

And my friends know this too.

Friends in whose company some of these conversations can occur from time to time ... and which they don't always want recording and broadcasting!

But, believe it or not,  there's one thing they yell at me more often than: "Julie, don't you dare write that down!" and that's ...

"Julie, you have to write that down?" Not that they make it easy for me ... as you'll see if you read on ...

The shocked policeman's mother-in-law

Location: my local monthly crop ie. a community centre room full of women
Time: mid London 2012 Olympics
Topic of conversation: propriety prevents me from repeating it so ... I'm going to have to improvise ...

Let's just say that someone [no, not me] had a photograph on her phone, which a friend of hers had taken of an athlete while on TV. A male athlete. A close-up of a male athlete.In tight clothing [please try to keep up, don't make me spell it out!].

I didn't see the photo but those who did got into a hilarious argument about the merits of the subject matter ... and its decency! And this 'argument' resulted in someone who was in favour using a ... how shall I put it? Shall we say she used a 'vivid' turn of phrase about the matter.

A turn of phrase you might not say in front of a child. Or a vicar. Or a ... hang on, I'm getting to that because ...

After a second or two ... a head poked through the kitchen hatch in the corner through into the room we were all in and amid our gales of laughter an authoritarian male voice suddenly declared, in mock-shock:

"Well, I never thought I'd hear that word coming from a craft group."

And the man in question ... was a police man!

Well then. That was unexpected! For him, for us in general, and in particular for the person who'd just said that word . Although really ... we think he can't have hung around many craft groups if that shocked him!

However ... he then came through into our room and continued to question the suspect ... while drinking the cuppa.

And after his rather startling entrance he turned out to be a really friendly - dare I say 'old fashioned' beat bobby. So friendly in fact that he told us he'd been thinking about telling his mother-in-law about our group as he felt she might benefit from the crafting and the company.

Perhaps that was until he'd heard what it was he'd heard though ...

Before he left we told him the date of our next crop and the organisers did give him their contact details but ... as of yet ... perhaps unsurprisingly...

... we've not yet heard from the shocked policeman's mother-in-law!


Thanks for dropping by to read my story today. I hope you weren't too shocked ...

Julie ;-)

p.s: don't forget to visit Sian to browse through other people's stories too [I'm still away, but will catch up when I'm home].

p.p.s: I found the rather appropriate image to illustrate my story in a 1978 Playhour Annual.


  1. That's a great story. Men can be so easily offended! LOL!

  2. Hilarious! Clearly, he had never listened into the conversations of crafting ladies before. We obviously have a very clean and innocent image ;-)

  3. That's brilliant. What on earth do they think we talk about? They were even discussing it in Downton for heaven's sake :D

    That picture is perfect, make sure you scrap it as well won't you.

  4. Brilliant! It's laugh out loud funny and I love the perfect Playhour picture you found :) Dangerous notebooks rule!

    I'm linking you up and hoping you are having a fine weekend away

  5. What a great story - I remember having someone making a similar comment after hearing a bunch of Quaker crafters having a go. Obviously decided that Quaker + crafter meant nothing shocking would be said... we reminded 'em about Q plain speaking instead :lol:

  6. Brilliant story Julie! I love it. Reminds me of a meeting I was at this week, lots of women, one man. One of the ladies had discovered cysts in her breast. We had to stop the in depth discussion that ensued because the man was visibly blushing!

  7. Oh, you do have a way with (or without!) words. Great story. Sounds just my sort of group:scrapbooking and a bit of chat...
    Excellent choice from the Playhour Annual, though it probably wouldn't be too pc in the eyes of your PC.

  8. This made me laugh out loud ....brilliant story.....but what exactly was HE doing hiding out in the kitchen!

  9. Brilliant! Love the illustration too!

  10. He can't be a real policeman, he has to be one who helps out when there's a rush because a real policeman would never be shocked. At least they would never let anyone see they were shocked.
    I love your story, I wish I lived near you so I could come to a crop.

  11. rofl!! I wonder if she ever will enquire?! Fabulous illustrative image, too :)

  12. That is a great, funny story. Your craft group sounds very much like mine :)

  13. LOL! Men. They are always so surprised at what women get up to when there are no men around,

  14. just brilliant Julie. I'm still laughing and in fact something similar happened here. Me and my sister were laughing so much in shock, horror and disbelief that my brother in law got up and turned the telly off!!x

  15. you do tell a good story Julie! Don`t think you could have found a better illustration! My stomach still hurts from the laugh!

  16. Wonderful story telling - you have a way with words said and unsaid!

  17. That sounds like my kind of crop! The shocked policeman obviously didn't think it appropriate for his MIL though!! Love the picture you chose too :o)

  18. that was funny! I hope there are more interesting conversations at you crop that you can repeat (or not) with us!

  19. I had such a giggle! Your picture is brilliant! Love your blog :)

  20. Ha! I love how you've managed to tell the story even though it was a naughty subject! Very funny! x

  21. Finally catching up a little with Sunday Stories etc :D
    LOL - what a great tale - very discreetly told!

  22. LOL! Men. They are always so surprised at what women get up to when there are no men around,


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