Monday 1 October 2012

Art Journaling: recipe-card journal. Week 4 LSNED

Hi, hi, hi.

Happy new month to you!

As September is now nothing but a fond[ish] memory, a ship that's sailed, a tea-coloured ring mark on the worktop of the year ... this is my final post documenting my  Learn Something New Everyday [during September]journal.

So here are all the remaining pages:

September 22nd:
That blurry word is not a secret that I've blurred out! It's the word 'books' but the ink has bled into the gesso [I thought gesso was meant to stop just that? Shows how much I know!]

September 23rd:
James didn't watch the programme in question and only came in towards the end when he asked: "Have you been crying through this one too?"

Seems like I've got myself a whale wailing reputation.

September 24th:
September 25th:

September 26th:

September 27th:
Believe it or not ... I know I tell you about all kinds of all kinds of things here ... but in the outside world I can tend to play my cards pretty close to my chest ... I need to remind myself to share some things sometimes.

September 28th:

September 29th:

September 30th:
Thanks Dad!

Shimelle [who hosts Learn Something New Every Day] suggested we try to summarise out learning experience during the past 30 days by creating a closing page and, fortunately I already had 31 cards ready because ...

... when I decorated and dated all of my recipe cards at the start of the month, so they'd be all there for me to just add my lesson plus some themed extras, I merrily created and dated one for September the 31st. Quite clearly my mind was in other places during September!

 Closing page ... or'September 31st' as I like to call it:

Thanks for all your kind comments during this project. They, as always, were a treat to find waiting for me in my inbox.
If you'd like to catch up with any of the previous lessons, plus the folder in which I'm storing the finished journal you can find everything here:
  • Week 1;
  • Week 2;
  • Week 3; and
  • the folder is here.
  • -----------------------------------------------

    Now ... I must go and decide what to do with myself after completing this month-long project ... I'm sure I'll think of something ...


    Julie :-)


    1. I've loved watching all your LSNED posts Julie and it always amazes me the little sentences and snippets that you have plundered to accompany your thoughts - they usually have the ability to strike a chord in me too.

    2. I love your use of white space. I'm posting my final pages tomorrow.

    3. It's been a visual and mental pleasure to read your LSNED cards, Julie - I especially like Sept 26. :) Keeping the same soft colour palette has worked really well too.

    4. Hi Julie, I have truly enjoyed your LSNED posts! I've been following your blog for a few months now and figured that I was long overdue to say hello. Your work is quite inspirational to me and I love your blog posts.
      Stephanie :)

    5. I have loved seeing your LSNED and you have finished it off beautifully, what a great idea to make it a positive approach. Thanks for sharing

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    7. I love your LSNED unused 'revision' cards are now seriously excited at being *prettified* and are grateful that you have finally shown me a way it can be done.

    8. I found you through Miriam's blog and am so glad I did. I love the idea of using recipe cards, and your folder is brilliant!


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