Friday, 29 March 2013

Cardmaking: Tri-fold aperture card, with a hidden diver!

Hi, hi.
  • If you've swung by from today then 'Hello!', 'Welcome!' ... the tri-fold card's coming right up ...
  • And if you've landed here direct then 'Hello!', 'Welcome!' ... I've got a guest spot over at today where I'm sharing 'Five Ideas for using old book pages'. Just click on this 'sneak peek' photo to take you there:
Oh and, while you're here ... I've re-stocked the shop with £4 vintage paper packs in 'Mixed text', 'Numbers + Diagrams' and 'Foreign Language' themes. Drop by. Have a peek!

Right then, now we're all clear on who's from where and where to head next ... here's that post about a tri-fold card I promised you!
If I'm honest ... I don't know if 'tri-fold' is the correct term for this style of card ... but it does have 3 individual sections to it ... so I'm going hope for the best!

Because layered, framed and hidden elements are integral to the style ... one image alone isn't going to explain the construction behind it ... so  here are a few more shots to help make sense of what's going on. Here's the 2nd layer which is revealed when the top frame opens to the left:

I covered the sections with patterned paper before die-cutting a postage-stamp aperture with my Big-Shot and washi-tape makes a fun addition to the inner frame as it doesn't add any extra bulk or dimension. So you can add more interest but the card can still close.

Here's all 3 sides when the card's open:
And here's our plucky heroine [cut from an old children's annual]:
I made several of this style card in one sitting using just strips of A4 kraft card, scraps of patterned paper and a handful of embellishments and I'll share the remainder of them in an upcoming post or two.
Until then, don't forget to ...
Soon, soon.


  1. Brilliant post on Shimelle's, loved reading it. Happy Easter x

  2. Love the holey card... May have to pinch that idea!

  3. It's been a lovely read both here and there, and I'm going back there again after being here. If you see what I mean :). I just can't get enough eyefuls of your lovely work - I am always intrigued by how you put things together.

  4. Definitely a trifold card.... I too will be "borrowing" this idea. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh! Now I "get it". :D Thanks for the layering pictures.

  6. I love your sense of style.


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