Sunday 10 March 2013

Overheard: Ssssshhhh [one for the mothers].

Hi you.

As it's Mother's Day [here in the UK] I thought a parenting themed overheard might just be the thing to share today.

And it's a recent one too [proving that, just because I don't share many overheards on here ... it doesn't mean I've stopped listening ...]

When: Saturday 16th February 2013
Where: WH Smiths [book shop]

Who: A mother with 3 small children [all under 7-ish] spent a good while browsing through the children's books. Then, when they'd made their selections they walked through through the shop, past me, towards the till, which is when I heard the oldest child asking her mmother ....

Child 1: Is this a library?

Mother: No.

 ... and then, and you could almost hear her brain working, she uttered this piece of perfectly expressed children's logic:

Child 1: So ... can we be noisy then?

I think she might grow up to be a lawyer.


I'm the giggly one on the right.
And to my own mother, who's probably had to deal with me being noisy in a library at some point ... Happy Mother's Day!

Julie x


  1. This made me laugh! And made me recall Panch, almost every time we're in the library and I have to remind her to speak quietly, she'll say '...but, Mama, it's so difficult.....'!!!!!!!

  2. Great overheard & fab photo.
    C xx

  3. Ha! Child-logic is wonderful. I was explaining to my nephew (who's 6) what sea glass is, and how it gets all smooth and frosted because of being tossed about in the sea. He did that same thinky-pause as the little girl in WHS, then asked if that meant he could put the broken piece of beer bottle he'd found in a bucket and stir it with a spoon to get the same kind of effect. I tried a bit harder and explained that because sea water is salted that helps smooth out the glass too, and . . . well, you can see the hole I dug there. Am still kind of concerned he's at home with a bucket full of water, salt and broken glass, trying to make his own chunks of 'pirate treasure' sea glass.

  4. "She's going to make us use our inside voices" my two used to say..

  5. My 3 yr olds love to shout "let's use our indoor voices please!). Mega embarrassing in quiet places!

  6. Cute pic and overheard!

  7. Great post! Made me giggle. Kids are way too smart for us...

  8. Wish I was as quick thinking as a 7 year old ...

  9. Fab reflections on that event Julie !

  10. You haven't changed a bit! Nicely overheard and something we can all relate to :). And you've changed your blog look/font? Very smart!

  11. That's brilliant, I do love your overheards! Great picture too. x

  12. Mothers are always by our side! They are always superb! Those kids with red printed shirts are just looking awesome and that band stickers train is reminding me my childhood! :(

  13. lol , Mom was probably torn about what to answer. Love the giggling you :)


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