Monday 25 March 2013

Cardmaking with Plundered Pages: Using names to personalise a project

Hi, hi.

If  I say I'm taking a break from push-up bras today ... I'll just have to hope that you know what I'm talking about. If not, well ... that could be a little awkward for the pair of us ... so you ought to click here.

Now let's step away from bras and move to something more papery ...

One of the things I enjoy most about collecting old, abandoned, long-forgotten books ... and then giving them a new lease of life.

[Look, you may call it 'cutting up boks' or 'sacrilege' ... I'm sticking to 'giving them a new lease of life'. OK?]

... yes, one of the things I enjoy most is finding snippets of text which I can use to make a scrapbook page, a gift, collage, or card etc highly [and thoroughly delightfully] personalised.

Which is precisely what happened here on the engagement card I made for a friend:
Whenever I'm leafing through the pages of one of the books I'm happy to cut up [believe it or not ... I don't cut up every book I buy!!] ... I'm always thrilled to spot, somewhere on the page, in a story, in a caption etc ... a name I recognise!

And, if it's the name of someone I can see myself, at some point, making something for ... I cut it out and save it for the right occasion.

So, when my friend announced her engagement to a certain 'Hugh' ... I finally got to use this perfectly serendipitous snippet:
p.s: the cotton, pointed edge, trimming is available on one of the Couture Collection embellishment kits [or can be added into a custom kit if you prefer].
I've often wondered about keeping a register of all the names I spot while I'm browsing my books ... in case anyone ever asks for something specific in a custom pack of Plundered Pages!

Remind me one day to share the fun I've had on my pages after finding a 'James' and even a 'Julie'!


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Julie :-)


  1. a lovely personalised card, i'm sure it will make your friend smile.

  2. Just love those little snippets

  3. What a lucky find! I have lots of old books as well and find your ideas really helpful.


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