Tuesday 12 November 2013

Overheard: Just shooting the Bries.

Hi hi.

It's been a while since I shared an overheard so, what better way to jump back in than with a snippet of conversation about one of my favourite major food groups ... cheese ...

Just shooting the Bries.

When: Sometime this summer [uncharacteristically for me I didn't record the date of this one]
Where: my housing estate

What:  I was walking through, up, and out of the housing estate heading towards the shops one sunny afternoon this summer.

A few metres in front of me two elderly men stood chatting, their shopping bags on the pavement between them.

Well, when I say they were 'chatting' ... that might have been an overstatement.

An exaggeration.

There wasn't exactly a bubbling back 'n forth happening.

In fact ... I rather got the feeling that I'd approached them just as they were reaching that point in a conversation where you realise that you have ab. so. lute. ly. NOTHING left to say!

One of the men was standing silently, ever so slightly nodding in agreement, while the other [somewhat resigned to the desperate turn the conversation had taken] declared ...

"Cheese ... cheese. Cheese. You can't beat cheese."
Here's a photo of cheese. Enjoy! [p.s: Jean - does this count as a mention on my blog? You ate some of that cheese! ;-) ]
Part of me wishes I'd heard more of the conversation ... so I'd know exactly what the question was ... for the answer to most emphatically be: cheese.

But another part of me is glad that I'm now free to speculate!

Had the other one asked: 'What's the best toastie filling?' OR 'the best mouse-bait'?

Who knows?

What do you think they were talking about? I'm sure you've got some creative interpretations!

Julie :-)


  1. My first thought was 'what makes a great quick bite?' because when I am just looking for a quick bite to eat my first thought is always 'what kinds of cheese do I have on hand?'

  2. Perhaps they were discussing genres of music or films?

  3. I'm guessing they'd met, said hello, stood a bit awkwardly shifting from one foot to the other, and then one had swung his carrier bag slightly and said 'just been down doin' a bit of shoppin' for the missus'. And the other had said ' Yeah, same here. Just gettin' a bit o' bread and cheese for lunch, like. ' and the first had responded with 'Cheese, cheese ... Etc'. Just guessing!

  4. I'm sure that the other one had spotted you approaching and said "strike a pose, here comes that woman who takes photos all the time"

  5. Favourite Tim Minchin songs?


  6. I love cheese so much I'm tempted to say that it can be the answer to almost anything :)

  7. Who doesn't like a bit of cheese and a mention on your blog xx

  8. Hee hee! - love this overheard conversation. Well, as you say not really a conversation really.


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