Wednesday 6 November 2013

Storytelling Sunday: A Three Zebra Day

Hello you.

Yes, I do know it's not Sunday. But Sian [who hosts Storytelling Sunday over at From High in the Sky] insists it's OK to share a post up to a week after the official '1st Sunday of the month'.

And anyway, some of you may well be reading it on a Sunday ... and it's definitely a story ... so I'm going ahead with it ...

The Three Zebra Day

Date: Friday 6th November 2013

Imaginatively called 'Zebra', this little chap has been faithfully watching over me for more than 15 years now and occasionally his skills are still called upon:
His origins are a long story [which, handily, I wrote all about here explaining where he came from ... and why] but, in short he's been a friend during some tough times in the past but also a pocket companion on all kinds of journeys and he's accompanied me, and those family members I've thrust him onto, through a whole range of life experiences.

He's a talisman; a totem; a touchstone.

And for much of the year he gets to relax his splendidly striped self on top of a picture frame in my bedroom ... but there are times when he's still called upon to carry out his protective duties. Like last Friday.

James had to go into hospital for the day for a minor operation [he's fine, no need to worry] and so, after packing his bag with all the things he might need [pyjamas, dressing gown, book to read] I also zipped Zebra into a small inside pocket; because, if you're going into hospital you need a zebra too.

Then, as a 'belt-and-braces' approach ... I also made James wear his zebra socks too [you'll never guess who bought him those in the first place ... ahem ...]
Now then, I'm aware that this could begin to look like I'm rather superstitious ... and honestly, I'm not really.

But there are times, when you're feeling helpless; and you know you can't be there every minute; and you know someone is going to cut into someone you love ... when I think it's OK to put your focus into a few black and white stripes. Which is what I did.

And, thanks to the stripes ... and the good old NHS ... 11 hours later James was back home, safe and sound and sitting on the sofa with tea, biscuits and me which is when ...

... he rolled up his sleeve to reveal the identity bracelet he was still wearing from the hospital and he said ...

"Have you seen what's written on this? I noticed it when I was getting changed to go down to theatre."

And I looked ... and I saw:
... and the smile spread across my face and I couldn't quite believe my eyes.

Just a coincidence? Most certainly.

But as coincidences go ... it's a good one.


Thanks for reading my story today.

Catch up with the latest selection of tales from bloggers across the world over on Sian's latest Storytelling Sunday post here.

And I'll see you back here soon.

Julie :-)


  1. How amazingly serendipitous! Great story, Julie, and pleased all is well with you and the patient too :). Let's hear it for zebras :).

  2. That's more than a coincidence! So pleased that zebra did his duties and protected James while you weren't there, and those lucky socks clearly helped as well.

  3. That's priceless! It's a funny old world, isn't it? I'm a big fan of a friend in your pocket (and also of zebra carpet..) and I'm glad James is home safe and sound.

  4. So is Zebra now wearing an identity bracelet? or have you already done the scrapbook page with it on. I used brads to keep the one my son had when he went in for a shoulder op in the summer. He said I was "strange" because I put it onto apage.

  5. Oh, how wonderful!

  6. That has given me goosebumps, amazing!

  7. Oh how fab is that!!! Hoorah for zebras!!!!


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