Sunday 17 November 2013

Simply a Moment [November]: My Super-hero Sibling

Hello you.

I'm joining in again with 'Simply A Moment' - a blogging meme hosted by Alexa at Trimming the Sails, who  reminds us once a month to stop and document a fleeting moment of time.

[To learn more you can read Alexa's tips on how to record your own moments and if you do join in, there's a link box on her November moment for you to add yours.]

I actually forgot I was meant to consciously memorise a moment on the 15th ... until the 16th! And while Alexa always stresses that it's perfectly fine to choose another day ... when I thought back to the previous day to see if I could remember back to anything worth capturing ... one vivid, perfectly formed, moment leapt to mind.

And this is it ...

My Super-hero Sibling

Date: Friday 15th November 2013
Time: 12.30 pm-ish
Location: Mam + Dad's hallway.

The party preparations are fully underway now.

Mam's juggling quiches, pies and finger food in the kitchen; Dad's sprinting around the house with a toolbox tending to last minute tasks and really, all that's left for Jo [the birthday girl] and I to do is the fancy bits:
  • pinning up the rows of comic-book style bunting we've been preparing for weeks;
  • finding the best spot for the paper pom-pom garlands;
oh and ...
  • the small task of turning the hallway of a suburban house into a Tardis / superhero themed photo-booth complete with dressing-up box and props so ...
... not that much to do really ...  
Every time a crowd-pleaser style song comes on the radio [an all request day on Radio 2 in aid of Children in Need] Mam asks Jo [who's created a 16 hour playlist for her party tonight]:

"Have you got this one on there?"

And every time Jo replies:

"No" ... then shoots me a 'but I have got 16 hours worth of other songs on there and people are bound to like some of them' look.

I move the step ladder into the hall so I can reach up to pin a pom-pom garland to the ceiling of the 'Tardis'. [As if, with all that time on his hands, the Doctor had taken up papercrafting.]

Standing on the top of the three steps I manage to press the pin into the plaster and successfully hang the garland and then ...

... I start to tilt backwards ... and [no Dr.Who pun intended but ...] time begins to bend and to stretch out, giving me time to think a lot of things in just a few seconds.

Things like:
  • Uh-oh ... this feels a bit unsafe ... but I'll be able to right myself in a second ... I always do. It'll be fine.
Followed swiftly by ..
  • I'm flapping my arms like something in a cartoon ...
  • This isn't getting any better ... I'm still tipping backwards ...
  • OK ... there's nothing I more I can do about this ... this will either really hurt ... or else someone will just have to catch me!
And with that ... I slipped off the ladder ...
... straight into my sister's arms!

The second thing she said to me after her extraordinary catch was:

"I quite literally 'had your back' there!!"

And didn't she just?

And ... if I was prone to sentimentality I would leave that story right there. On a profound, life-affirming note. All metaphorically perfect. She had my back then ... and always. Except ...

... I think I'd rather end this moment by telling you the first thing she said after she prevented me from falling backwards on to a hard floor as I think it gives a far more accurate portrayal of sibling relationships ...

... because, the first thing she said after grabbing me was:

"Urgh!! I just touched your boob!!"

Now that's what I've come to expect from a sister!


If you'd like to read more 'moments' do drop by Alexa's ... and thank you for reading mine.

Julie :-)


  1. Oh my goodness, I think that this must come top of the list for the most dramatic exciting moment ever! So glad you didn't have to take a tumble: what's the Doctor's assistant for, if not to be the 'fall guy' :). I love the effort you all put into the preparations - it sounds like a lot of fun! It was lovely to see you in the Linky List (I guessed it was you from the title!) and thank-you so much for brightening up the day :).

  2. Sisters just love to tell it like it is :) I love the sound of these preparations..sounds very exciting

  3. I was a little bit scared this post was going to involve a dalek and so relieved it not only had a non daleky happy ending but a funny sister story as well. Sounds like your family know how to throw a good party!

  4. I'm so glad I read your post tonight. it's been a long day and you made me laugh. Either of my sisters would have said the same thing had it been them :) hope the party was a great success x

  5. Yes, indeed, you just can't edit those sisterly moments without losing something in the translation. I giggled to hear the whole tale!

  6. Oh I love it! that's just how sisters are supposed to be. Thank you for sharing

  7. This made me laugh out loud! That is just what my sister would have said! Glad she saved you though and hope the party went well.

  8. What a brilliant moment. I laughed out loud too... The party prep sounds such fun, I hope the evening went well and you kept your feet on the floor.

  9. I loved your moment ~ a perfect sibling exchange of words! Hope the party went well.

  10. lol so glad you shared her first and that she was there to prevent your injury. Hospital trips really do spoil parties ;)

  11. What a great story!!! I felt you tipping and falling and then ended with a big laugh! Absolutely perfect.
    Thanks for sharing,

  12. Classic! Your story had me laughing out loud! Hope the party went well :)


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