Tuesday 19 November 2013

Plundering Pages for cardmaking: What's in a name?

Hi you.

What's your name?

Why do I ask?

Because- when I'm browsing my old book collection looking for an interesting page to plunder -  I love it when I accidentally stumble across a familiar name:
This is my latest find which made the perfect addition to the card I made for my sister's recent birthday:
But I'm not only excited about finding my own name [in this case inside a 1960's girls' annual] no ...

... in recent weeks I've sent out several envelopes stuffed with plundered pages to friends whose names I'd happened upon in various books.
 Both ladies have names which - I'm imagining - they don't come across that often in books so I couldn't bear to keep them to myself! I just had to tear them out [did you just wince?] and post them off to a rightful home with their namesakes! 

Similarly I was delighted to find this image to use as my focal point for the card ... because [if you don't know her] let me promise you that she actually does look rather like this:
[If you read my post on Sunday she's the 'superhero sibling' I wrote about in my Simply A Moment post].

Whenever someone enquires about ordering a Custom Pack of Plundered Pages, and we're chatting about what themes and topics they'd like me to find for their personalised pack ... I often ask if there are any significant names they'd like me to keep my eyes peeled for at the same time. I can't promise to find any ... but it's great when I do!

Because I know how much fun it can be adding a very specific as-if-it-was-tailored-to-you detail to a project: I've made various projects for myself featuring familiar names and ...
  • while I know you could type/print/stamp out any name or phrase you fancy ...
  • there is something particularly special about finding it on a page, out of the blue, fully formed then just snipping it out and being inspired by it.
  • for example: I built the entire sentiment of this card around this phrase with my name ...
... the card just wouldn't have been the same if I hadn't taken it as my starting point!


Are there any unique, hard-to-find or simply significant names you'd like me to stay vigilant for in my book browsing?

I'd be interested to hear ... and, who knows, maybe I'll get in touch one day with that all elusive name!
Julie :-)



  1. A fab way to make a card special and I can just see you climbing down to face the music!

  2. What a lovely card:). The idea of finding names is an intriguing one, though I expect there will be many unusual ones which never make it intone print. But then, you are very resourceful! I always love your mix of quirky and vintage.

  3. what a thoughtful gift to send to your friends I bet they loved having some personalised book pages with their names. You must go through lots of books!

  4. I can imagine how fun it is to find your name! I think Abigail is fairly rare but I have found it a few times! I really like that first card.

  5. You made my day with my name. You're right, I never ever had a cup or pencil case with my name on. :-D

  6. I think you would have to search a lot of books to find my name. Love this idea though.


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