Monday 16 December 2013

It's a sign: Must be the one with the sparkly scales

Hi, it's me.

I'm one of life's magpies; not only because I'm drawn to collecting actual shiny treasures [hello silver shoes!] ... but I also can't help collecting together overheard conversations, 'found' wisdom and funny signs etc; things that unexpectedly catch my beady eye and make the average day just that bit brighter.

Funnily enough, the silly thing I'm sharing today manages to combine the two ...

I'd bought a glittery belt, to add a touch of sparkle when I'm wearing jeans, which had a care label attached informing me that some of the glitter may come off. But hey, being a crafter that didn't phase me; randomly finding my hands / face / furniture lightly dusted in sparkle is all par for the course. ;-)

So, I duly read the label,  snipped it off and left it out to drop into the recycling bin. So far so mundane no?
Or did you notice it?

Because then I noticed that, rather than warning me that "due to the nature of the finish" of the belt that some glitter may shed ... what it actually said was:
Personally I've never met a finfish ... but considering they're apparently glittery by nature ... I bet they're the belle of the ocean ball. 
[Until of course they're caught and their skin gets turned into belts that is ...] ;-)
Funny how a simple typo, adding in one extra consonant, can take you off on a flight [swim?] of fancy isn't it? 
 See you soon.


  1. The Finfish is a member of the carp family. It inhabits the estuarine waters of the Bristol Channel and taunts sailors and fishermen alike with a flick of its glittery tail and a wink of its not so glittery eye. To keep its glitter shiny and sparkly it has to wriggle in the mud, creating the dull brown colour of the water in the severn estuary. Or something like that.

  2. Mmmm Finfish. Delicious sautéed in a little butter and served with a side order of sequins.
    I thought of you this weekend when I overheard something random in Waitrose. 2 assistants were talking and one said to the other "where have you been, you've been gone ages" ( I guess a customer had asked where to find something. ) Her reply was " I got held up by the bananas"

  3. You can't eat finfish. It's impossible to get the glittery scales off entirely and the scales are inedible

  4. Ha! When TSO was very little, her favourite tv show was called "The Shiny Show" and the characters used to go round and collect sparkly stuff. This is definitely worthy of The Shiny Show!


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