Friday 20 December 2013

Simply A Moment [December 2013]: A Matching Pair

Hello there.

I  think this will be my final post before Christmas and I think it's rather appropriate ... some wintry scenery and festive cheer has found its way in!

It also marks a whole year of my joining in with 'Simply A Moment' - a blogging meme hosted by Alexa at Trimming the Sails - making this the 11th [I missed one month!] time I've paused to document a fleeting moment of time.

[To learn more you can read Alexa's tips on how to record your own moments and if you do join in, there's a link box on her December moment for you to add yours.]

A Matching Pair

Date: Monday 16th December
Time: 9.35am
Location: Like so many of my 'moments' this one happened while walking close to home.

After a weekend of long working days [trying to get projects completed before Christmas] walking to shops in the crisp fresh air feels like such a treat.

Intoxicating almost; like a good glass of wine.

'This is free' I think 'I can have as much  of it as I like!'

I'm working my way up to the Post Office hoping that I don't miss a delivery of supplies while I'm out. The irony of that situation would not be welcome right now.

Ahead of me an elderly man walks with a spritely little Yorkshire terrier who [the dog, not the man] is wearing a little blue coat with tweed trimming and is drawing smiles and attention from those around him. A man walking up his drive shouts a hello to the dog walker who in turn asks after his health:

'Oh, not so bad' he replies then, gesturing toward the dog: 'I wish I was as fit as he is!' and the owner agrees. Everyone, including me, looks down affectionately at the dog.  Then we round the bend ...

'Look who it is, look who's here' the dog walker says to the dog and allows a few extra feet out of the extending dog lead so the dog can get greet and elderly lady who beams at the sight of him:

'Hello Charlie, hello.' she says bending to pet him. Quite obviously Charlie is famous round these parts! Who knew?

As the three of them stop to chat I overtake, up the bank, and onward to the Post Office which turns out to be a bustling grotto of pre-Christmas parcel posting.

On my way out I notice a box of festive snow globes on a bottom shelf and bend to take a closer look; I pick one up and - as you just have to do - I gently tip it up creating a tiny whirling snow storm inside.

Back out side now and in this chilly December morning air I suddenly am made aware that while one of my hands is snug and warm ... I'm missing a glove on the other; the one I removed to look at the snow globe!
As I search my pockets and bags [like someone doing a poor mime of 'Oh, I seem to have lost something'], assuming that I absentmindedly tucked it away, an old lady passes by then stops and turns to me to say:

"Someone else has forgot something!"

"I seem to have lost a glove" I say holding up my unevenly attired hands by way of illustration.

"I've been going through my pockets too" she confides and we share a  smile; a conspiracy of forgetfulness.

As I can't find it anywhere then it's back into the Post Office I go for a good look on the floor when my eyes meet those of elderly man in the queue ... who holds up my black beaded glove!

I grin in return and again hold up one gloved and one chilly one, this time as proof of ownership.

"I was just going to hand this in" he says handing over the glove, completing the matching set. I thank him and leave. And who should be outside but ...

... Charlie and his clearly proud owner chatting to yet another someone who looks delighted at his presence!

So many smiles. So many little acts of human [and canine] connection. Good job that's a sharp wind blowing ... I can blame my watery eyes on that ...

I slip my hand back into my glove and head home.

Thank you for taking one of your moments to read one of mine.
If I don't  see you before ... I'll wish you some wonderful Christmastime moments in the days ahead.
Take care ... and take a glass of sherry or two and a bacon-wrapped sausage while you're at it.
Julie xx 


  1. I guarantee that more people talk to our dog, than talk to me on dog walks! Not one person has mentioned what a cute little face I have and yet it's the first thing they say to her!
    Pleased to hear the glove story had a happy ending. Happy Christmas to you too. A sherry and a bacon wrapped sausage? Don't mind if I do !

  2. What a lovely moment! Our house sitter once remarked taking our dog for a walk is like taking a stroll with a rock star - everyone recognises him.
    It's 37 degrees here and showing no signs of cooling down. To me the smells Summer and Christmas are synonymous, so if it's ok with you I'll opt for a chilled glass of white and strawberry or two. Much Christmas cheer to you Julie.

  3. What a sweet story. Charlie sounds like quite the little charmer! And so glad the missing glove was returned. They are very pretty!

  4. Just a perfect Christmas story! The detail and delight in the ordinary always strikes me afresh when I read your wonderful writing, Julie. I have much enjoyed my walk, and so glad you didn't lose that glove! I am very touched that you have joined in so much this year and it is always a pleasure to read your posts, with their beautiful eye- and soul- candy :). Thank- you, thank-you, thank-you!

  5. I love the way you told this Julie. The way we all connect over shared moments is lovely and you captured it so well! Merry Christmas.

  6. Beautifully written post, as always! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  7. Oh! such a beautifully written story. I was so sure I was on that walk with you.
    Merry Christmas Julie and thanks for your support this year. Looking forward to 'taking a walk' with you in 2014

  8. Sending you warmest good wiahes, Julie, to you and the family and hoping you have a lovely day together.

  9. What a wonderful written story Julie. The bit about the dog reminded me so much of when we had ours - I think everyone in the neighbourhood knew him. :) Glad you didn't lose your glove. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  10. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Julie - thank you so much for the warmth of your messages this last year. Much Love Jennie xx


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