Sunday 1 December 2013

My Month in Numbers 2013: Communal Count #6 - December


If, for any reason, you haven't got enough things to keep track of this month [Did I put the right tag on the right gift? How many hours a day can I remain horizontal? Does a diet of little sausages wrapped in bacon, Christmas pudding and sherry with a slice of orange cover all the necessary food groups?] ... here's what I'll also be counting up this month ... are you joining me?
I must admit that the first question has been influenced by my annual obsession with the Christmas24 channel.
For 10 months of the year I like to tell myself I have sophisticated cultural tastes.
Then, any day of the week, any time of day during November and December you can find me glued to cheesy and marvellous made-for-TV festive films!
So I'll be fascinated to find out which of you share my fetish ... and which of you need your hearts de-frosting. ;-)
As always...
  • you're welcome to respond to both, either or neither prompts. It really is entirely up to you
  • and you're welcome to interpret them however you like.

  • At the end of the month [or whenever you get chance afterwards] you can:
    • combine your responses to this this with your usual full Month in Numbers post
    • OR just join in with your responses to these shorter prompts alone
    • you can respond in a blog post / an Instagram / a tweet / OR simply in a comment on my Month in Numbers post [a link back to my blog somewhere would be lovely if you do blog it.]
    • OR ... join in with your response on my Facebook page
    • OR ... any other creative way I haven't thought of!
    • then - if it's 'pinnable' I'll pin it to the My Month in Numbers Pinterest board.
    Anything goes!
    You can then check back at the end of December [and on into January] to compare notes with the others who've joined in, and once again we can connect with the familiarities and marvel at our unique differences!

    If you'd like to share the question on your own blog / social media so your friends and readers can join you - then you're very welcome to. You can simply save and use the image above [all my details are on there so you don't really need to link anything up].

    Happy December!

    J x


    1. Love the questions! The first is easy, you can never have too many! Sky movies Christmas starts today so we can put the remote control away for a month! Must get on with my November round up!

    2. My favourites are really varied, from Love Actually to National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Not to mention Miracle on 34th Street ... Oh goodness, I'd better start counting now!

    3. I've never watched the Christmas 24 channel...I'll have to check it out :)

    4. Great questions! Though for the first one, my instant reaction was 'More than one!' I think I must be pandering to my inner Scrooge ...


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