Wednesday 11 December 2013

Overheard: But it complimented her cold pink nose so well ...

Hello hello.

When you're someone like me, who likes to keep her ears open for snippets of overheard chatter, the winter can be a tricky time to be listening-in; woolly hats tend to muffle the sound! ;-)

Fortunately there are those occasions when someone manages to make themselves heard despite a layer of hat-ness getting in between us ...

Date: Late November 2013
Time: 8:50am-ish

My current route for a morning walk takes me past a path that leads to a primary school, and on this particular occasion I was passing by at that point in the school run, so close to the start of the school day, when things tend to get a little frantic.

Cars and vans were pulling up alongside me dropping off little ones left right and centre.

Then, ahead of me on the path there stood two sweet girls aged around 4 and 6 bundled up in winter coats and knitted hats with teddy-bear ears, to keep the bite of the crisp November morning at bay.

Next to them, bending over the smallest of the two, a slightly frustrated mother licked her fingers and began rubbing at the girl's mouth.

The girls were still, and silent while the mother, in a frustrated tone laid down the law:

"When I tell you to go and clean your face after your breakfast...

... I don't mean: 'go and cover your face with make-up'!!

You've got lipstick all over!"

Then the mother looked up at me as I passed by, well aware that I'd heard what she'd said. And, despite me not wanting her to shout at me too ... I really couldn't help but smile!
[p.s: When looking for a suitable photo to illustrate this I spotted this photo James took of me a few years ago on Christmas morning. But, just so you know: I don't always go for a walk around the neighbourhood in bronze metallic heels and flowery tights. Well, not every day ... ]
So, did you or your kids ever do something that had to be dealt with at the very last minute before the school bell rang?
Things like that are always fun to hear in the comments. I'll be waiting  .. without my hat on ... to hear them.
Julie :-)


  1. Love, love, love your stockings!
    We are always doing something on the way out the door to school!

  2. Mostly with my boys it's last minute lost shoes. Or last minute impossible knots in their shoe laces. Or the shoes are still wet from yesterday playing in the rain because when I said "Put your shoes in the dryer" I failed to add "And turn it on." because to me that is just a given. Why else put something in the dryer if you are not going to turn it on?

  3. Have you got your reading? where's your lunch? why have you gone back upstairs to play, we need to leave ...NOW
    That's every morning in this house lol
    C xx

  4. I'm so glad you explained about the shoes because I was beginning to wonder about your choice of walking footwear lol


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