Thursday 10 April 2014

Junk Journals: inspiration for what to do with your 'bits'!

Hello. How's things today?

Me? Not too bad thanks. Just changed out of my jeans and into my 'lounge pants' ... not to 'lounge ... but to blog in comfort. [Which, alongside 'always having a parking space for the car' is one of the great pleasures of working from home!]

And speaking of work ... earlier in the month I launched a new range of creativity packs which - as they contain 'bits' you can use to make junk journals - I've inventively named 'Junk Journal Bits' ...

If you've already bought one [hello again + thanks!] you can scroll down for some inspiration for the kind of books you can make with your chosen bits!

But if you've not seen them yet then here's a rainbow selection of those currently available:
To me a 'junk journal' is a great place to stop worrying about being neat, tidy or perfect in your creative time and instead just enjoy the jumbly randomness of it all! They're an antidote for anxious, perfection-seeking, creativity.

Each of the packs I've put together contain 20+ items of ephemera, oddments, pages, tags, labels and more from my collection of ... well ... everything! Plus something a bit sturdier you could use as a cover.

They're available in:
  •  Large [which will probably make a journal A5-ish in size depending upon how you chop up the bits]
  • and Small [which is perfectly pocket-sized - roughly postcard-ish or smaller].  
Here's a peek inside a few:
If you like the look of any of that then do drop into my Etsy shop, take your pick, and I'll get it into the post to you in 1-3 working days! Because I'm pretty efficient like that!
But if you'd prefer someone else's - less biased - opinion on the quality of my service ... may I point you toward the positive feedback left for me by happy customers.  It never ceases to delight me when someone finds time to leave a couple of words about their order so that potential customers feel they can trust me! (If you've ever left a review on your order .. thank you SO much!x)
Anyway ... whether you havehaven't,will never or maybe might buy one of the Junk Journal packs ...
... here's some Junk Journal inspiration ...

Below you'll find some images and links to previous projects of mine all of which show the kinds of small books you could make with the type of supplies you'll find in the kits.

**Please note: these books are different sizes and hold different contents to those on sale in my shop ... but they are indicative of the STYLE of project you could make.
  • This mini book was made from 30 postcard sized pages - some [as in some of the Junk Journal packs] were actual original vintage postcards.
  • Meanwhile its covers were made from some interesting cardboard from an shoe box [and again, some of the Junk Journal packs also contain printed shoe-box cardboard just perfect for covers!]
And if you're wondering what you could do inside the book once you've made the base ... how about some collage and journaling? 
For further inspiration:

(2.)Travel Journal :
This journal features lots of ideas for using pockets, bags, tags and labels .. like those you'll find amid the Junk Journals:

For further inspiration:
And finally ...
A quotations book : from waaaaaay back ... [one of my first ever blog posts in 2009 in fact!]: 

Again, lots of pockets, envelopes, ephemera - like the Junk Journals Bits. Then I simply added handwritten motivational quotations on top of each page.
For further inspiration: 
Plus ...  the cover on that final book is made partly from an egg box I took a particular liking to!
Well, they ain't called 'junk' journals for nothing!
If you have one of the kits, and you make something with it - link me up so I can share your inspiration too.  
I hope you found something here today to inspire you to give junk journals a go - whether that's with one of my kits ... or not.
Julie :-) 


  1. What a visual feast! And as a happy and very satisfied customer of one of your Junk Journals, I can highly recommend them. I am not a natural mini-book maker, but I thought that I would dip my toe in the water and make one to go with the a journalling course starting soon. I am going to be back to take notes from your lovely photos, Julie!

  2. these do look wonderful Julie...

  3. The packs do look wonderful Julie and what fab books you have shown for inspiration

  4. Delightful packs! Love the minibooks. I wonder when I´ll finally stop daydreaming about them and actually make one. ;)

  5. Pretty journals! Love your packages!


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