Wednesday 16 April 2014

Zoom in Zoom Out :: When in ... Rome?

Hello hello.

James and I went a way for a [very] short city break last weekend and while we were there I had an idea for a perfect pair of photos to share for the 'Zoom In - Zoom Out' feature hosted weekly over at Helena's Creative Maven.

For more 'ZIZO' posts make sure to visit this week's post on Helena's blog here ... and now here's mine ...

Zooming in ...
A line of stone columns casting shadows ...
... so where exactly did we stay on this city break? Rome? Athens?


Not quite.

Zooming out ...

It was actually a room inside 'Hotel Indigo' in Newcastle:
Pretty striking don't you think? [The wall I mean ... not the lounging model ... ].

It was a lovely hotel; cheerful staff, 3 minutes from the theatre [which was the reason we made the trip in the first place] and such bold and stylish décor.

My favourite part being the amazing patterned carpets and rug, lots of geometrics all in black and white ..what can I say? I'm easily pleased!


I've jumped back on the blogging train with gusto here lately so, if you get a minute, here are a few stops along my journey which you might want to join me on:
 Hopefully there'll be something there to grab you!

See you soon.

Julie :-)


  1. clever pairing - fabulous wall decoration - makes a change for a hotel to be noted for good décor - my Mum will not stay in one of the big chains because of the glaring carpet!!

  2. My that was a surprise! Welcome to ZIZO - hope you enjoyed your city break.

  3. That is a really neat looking hotel room!

  4. James looks perfectly at home in such a stylish setting.

  5. That was a neat pairing - suspect no one guessed.

  6. Wow! That was a great surprise! Loved how you used this ZIZO

  7. Very interesting decor for a hotel room. Great snaps.

  8. that's a really nicely spotted one - the best zoom ins show something totally different like this when they zoom out

  9. Perfect ZIZO, I would never have guessed what the ZO was going to show!

  10. That was a very clever surprise and I would have never guessed it was wallpaper that I was looking at! Awesome!

  11. Super photo and most ingeniously told :). You had me guessing ...

  12. What a great pair and so unexpected, I never would have guessed that's for sure!


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