Sunday 6 April 2014

Scrapbooking: Super Siblings

Hello hello.

I know I'm a bit elusive around these blogging parts lately ... but if you've been dropping in on me since November last year you'll have heard all about the Superhero/Villain themed party - complete with dress-up photo-booth my sister had at her birthday party last year.
[If not, there's lots of photos of the DIY photo-booth here and a story about  our preparations for it here.]

Well, what use is taking lots of photo-booth snaps if you're not going to do anything with the photos? No use!  So I've been scrapping some of my favourites [did you see the Dr.Who themed page a few months back?] and here's one of the birthday girl and me ...

... Thor + Loki style:
Here's a closer look at those fabulous helmets ... and my best 'Thor's-a-pretty-serious-bloke' face:
But no role-play based around Thor + Loki, the famously combative step-brothers, would be complete without a nod to sibling relationships:
That conversation takes me right back 30+ years when Jo would direct our games and tell me what to do. That's apparently what having little sisters is for.

And while this time round I was happy to don Thor's hat without an argument ... I'm not sure that that's how things always went when we were little!

I haven't been crafting [for leisure] very much at all lately so this is one of only a handful of layouts I've made this year. But I have been busy curating and collating bits + pieces for my shop ... which will hopefully assist other people to get their craft on!

If you haven't seen my new range of 'Junk Journal Bits' [co-ordinated scrappy / collagey / jumbly ephemera filled mini-book starter packs] then do hop over to the shop to see them - and I'll keep adding more in the days and weeks ahead.

I'd love to show you some examples of how you could use a particular pack ... but the thing with each kit being one-of-a-kind is that, if I used it ... no one else could!

BUT ... if you've ever found my art-journaling or mini-book style appealing ... then the contents of these packs is absolutely typical of the kinds of materials I use in my own work.

I think maybe in the coming weeks I ought to collect together some previous projects to show you just what I mean.

Wishing you a happy new week ahead.


  1. That's a great page :). Your papers just pick up the shapes of the masks so nicely. Oooh, more nice things to look at in your shop? Off to look ... :).

  2. Pesky big sisters eh? I'm the younger sister too so I fully relate! Sometimes it's just easier to let them be the boss isn't it ;-)


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