Wednesday 9 April 2014

WOYWW. Well, no, it's actually more like WUMWW ...

Hello all.

I've been meaning to join in with WOYWW ever since I bent down to pick up something and caught sight of something funny beneath my desk ... [if that doesn't make you want to read on ... I'm giving up ...] ;-)

For the uninitiated WOYWW stands for 'What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday' a "share what's on your desk right now" meme hosted by Julia Dunnit [over at Stamping Ground ]. And, before I move on I should probably issue Julia a quick apology for not really sticking to the rules because ...

... because, as my 'WUMWW' title suggested I'm not actually sharing what's on my workdesk at this moment ... but rather ... what's under it.

Which is this ....
A random colourful collection of odd bits of washi tape!

Call it collage.

Call it guerrilla art.

Call it 'What happens when Julie has scraps of leftover tape stuck to her fingers and rather than get into an impatient flap about getting it off without it sticking to something else the easiest thing to do with them is to just wipe them on the underside of the desk'.

[I'll let you draw you own conclusions as to which of those best represents the truth ...].

But as to what the word 'words' has been doing under there for goodness knows how long ... well, your guess is as good as mine!
I'm tempted to read something into it ... like it's a secret message from the universe [albeit a secret message the universe kindly embellished with pink glitter tape] ... but what could it mean?
Is hiding your words under your workdesk anything like hiding your light under a bushel?
I wonder ...
Thanks for dropping by [and for getting down - metaphorically speaking - on your hands and knees to peer under my desk] today.
Do drop by on Julia to find links to what's on lots of other workdesks.
You probably won't even have to crouch down for those!
Julie :-)


  1. How lovely to see you popping up in my comments on a Wednesday :o) You've reminded me that I have a collection of odd ends of sellotape stuck under my desktop. Left over from Christmas wrapping and not nearly as pretty as your collage of washi.

  2. Now why did I not think of that for my bits?
    In answer to your comment on my blog re the boxes - yes, there are instructions but they are so simple to make you really do not need any after the first one - just get a gift box maker from We R memory keepers and you will be away - child's play, honest.
    Hugs, Neet xx 14

  3. Washi tape under the table - a much nicer and more colourful alternative to gum under the table :D Mine is fingerprints - painty fingerprints!

  4. {snicker} I don't dare show the underside of MY desk. Funny how YOURS looks like a work of art... Welcome to WOYWW. It may take all day but so packed with inspiration in ways you never expect...and while we've seen floors and side tables and dining room tables and sofas and sheds I'm not sure we've seen the UNDERSIDE of desk before :)

    Happy WOYWW!

    Mary Anne (15)

  5. this brings back traumatic memories from my childhood. i feel like i can tell you this. i was a shy child and in the first grade i would wipe my nasal excrements on the underside of my desk because i was too embarrassed to ask for a tissue or a trip to the restroom. the trauma occured when my teacher found my booger repository. notice i became a HIGH SCHOOL teacher. i have snot phobia to this day.

  6. How funny! Under my desk is always a sea of backing from pop dots or white strips from tape. No matter what I do they travel all around. I see they attach themselves to my clothes and travel around the house with me. Enjoy the day! Winnie#67

  7. Oh my gosh! How funny! I have Iris carts under my desk but there are bits of paper pieces on my floor where they missed landing in the trash. Thanks for popping by and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N now #22

  8. I am smiling here imagining you photographing this - very neat! Were you one of,the ones who would chew gum in class and stick it under the desk, by any chance?

  9. Oh my goodness...I think we have discovered workdesk craft graffiti! Love it. I just bought some new washi tape too--but my desk is actually a table, so it will have to go on the legs! Thanks for stopping by! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #1

  10. Hee hee. Dread to think what it looks under my desk - well the dining table where I work ;-) Happy WOYWW Anne x #48

  11. Well, that's a view of a desk that we don't get to see too often!! Lol, I rather like it though, a very alternative side to WOYWW :-) Mind you, I've seen worse under some folks desks but usually on the floor not attached to the underside of the desk itself!
    Thanks for making me laugh!
    Hugs, LLJ 45 xx

  12. Well welcome to WOYWW Julie, and thanks for your kind comments on my blog, I am busy surfing Woyww instead of doing the ironing.
    I love your putting washi tape under your work top, I would have to open the cupboard for me to do that.
    Chris #41

  13. Now that makes an interesting view of a workdesk Julie. I never thought of sticking those pesky little bits of tape on the underside of my desk but may do in the future. I usually stick them to the edge of my desk only later to catch a piece or two on my sleeve, they are then trailed along the hall and down the stairs ... need I go on :) So welcome to WOYWW, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog already, and thanks too for such a fun post which made me chuckle :) Elizabeth x #77

  14. G'day Julie
    I haven't participated in WOYWW for maybe 9 months and I am trying to get to as many as I can this week...bahaha love it....its on yr work bench just at a different angle. Maybe do a monthly shot of whats under there to compare as time goes by LOl
    Annette In Oz #23

  15. Washi tape under your desk looks perfectly reasonable to me. AND I'm sure under the desk is just as good as on the desk :)
    Thanks for dropping by earlier,
    RosA # 43

  16. A lot nicer than chewing gum! Thanks for the laugh, and have a great week. Chris #35

  17. Hi there... *smiles Thanks for sharing under your desk, never thought about doing that with the things stuck on my hand... but very cute collage you have going there. !
    Now if messy desks are fun (which they really are) , then I am having a super duper FUN time. LOL
    happy WOYWW
    kimmer #103 (last again for the 4th time , I really don't plan this) LOL I woke up this morning to see a few Thursday sragglers.... HAha!

  18. Ha ha, what fun! Thank you for your visit. Karen #71

  19. Welcome to WOYWW, great to have your words in the pot. Love your sticky repository...and heap, I'm certain it says something about you, and you may well be right in your guesses. I'm going to stick my neck and say it's something to do with a need to appear tidy...?!!!!

  20. i'm glad to see that there's no bogies and chewing gum stuck our old school desks :) x

  21. That is so funny to see under your desk....put your hand up if you are guilty!!!
    It reminded me of when I worked in BBC Radio ... I bent down to pick up a pen in the studio and under the desk was covered in chewing gum !!! YUK!
    The other presenters blamed the sports team!
    At least your's is a bit of contemporary art! LOL!
    Jo x
    Welcome to WOYWW

  22. Well that's a new view! Although I did show my drawers one week... ;-) I think you must have the prettiest underside of desk - I dread to think what some people's might look like! #60something

  23. he he under the desk works for me lets hope you dont start chewing gum anytime soon
    sorry if the baby surprised you but you neverknow whaat you will see each week.
    janet #19


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