Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Going Postal: *3DJean* Giveaway

 Hello there. 

Another Going Postal Giveaway for you today!

Like The Ribbon Girl giveaway [which is still open], today's prize is also taken from the webstore of someone I know: my friend and Design Team Leader: 3DJean.
Jean is offering you the chance to win a Vintage Label CD, one of several image discs currently stocked in her store here.

Edited to add: Jean is offerering this giveaway to 3 winners now!

Now then, rather than show you a photo of the actual CD here [I'm guessing you've seen a CD before ... and they're not very inspiring are they?] I thought I'd show you a few cards I've made featuring two Victorian bird images printed from the disc:
One of several cards available to buy from my etsy store.
 Cute isn't he? He's actually printed on to self-adhesive paper too, meaning he can be peeled off and used again as a sticker. This one's the same too:
And here's a close-up:
At some point in the remaining fortnight of Going Postal I'll have to introduce you to the set of stamps [First Class/Sent With Love etc]  I've used on top of my Vintage Label digi-print outs, they were a set given to me to work with which I've found highly - yet unexpectedly - useful!

So if I've whetted your appetite for the Vintage Image CD from 3DJean here's all you need to know to be in with a chance of getting your hands on your own:

 To win one of the Vintage Labels image CDs and get access to 2800 images all you need to do is:
  • Visit 'Scattered Scarlet' the 3DJean Design Team blog;
  • Read my giveaway post there which features screenshots of the contents of the CD so you can see the rest of the images.  [Sorry but I couldn't quite manage to make 2800 cards just to show you the everything that's on there!];
  • Leave a comment on my post on the 3DJean blog - not here - making it clear you'd like to win the CD;
  • The deadline for entries is 1pm [UK time] Saturday August 13th.
  • I'll then pick three names at random and announce winners here [and on there] on Sunday 14th August. 
Best of luck to you!


Someone who doesn't need luck today is Lizzie:

... as her name was chosen at random [via an online Randoom Number Generator] as the winner of the Digital Collage sheets giveaway from last week.

Congratulations Lizzie, I'll be emailing the pdf file over to you ASAP. 

  • Join me for some more postal-themed crafting later this week, until then don't forget to check out the sidebar where I've listed all previous Going Postal Posts as there are now 3 giveaways still open for you to enter if you haven't already!
  • Plus don't forget to blog your own posty-fun and I'll add you to the ever-expanding Going Postal Pinterest board.
Soon enough.

Julie :-)


  1. Congratulations Lizzie.

    The images on the CD are so nice Julie and can't wait to see what you do with the florals.

  2. Lovely cards, the teensy heart banners are so sweet! The cd looks great.

  3. I just love your quirky cards!And spiffy is such a great word and deserved more of an airing. Time to bring it back, what!

  4. How wonderful, to come home from my holidays today and find an e-mail from you, to say I had won the fab Postcard Digi Collage sheet giveaway!
    Thank you very much, I will have some real fun with these, Julie.

    I've been catching up on your posts and love all the collage you've been busy with. I think I may go and have a snoop around your Shop too!


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