Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Going Postal: General Greetings + Floral Labels

Hello, hello.

In yesterday's giveaway post I mentioned sharing a few more of the cards I've made using labels printed from the Vintage Image CD which is the giveaway prize. [p.s: did you see that Jean is now offering 3 CDs as prizes now? So you now have 3 times as many chances of winning.]

And here are those cards, using the floral labels from the disk which I resized and printed using the techniques detailed in the Printing from Image CDs tutorial I created.

I love using rose designs in mywork, so this is one of my favourites:
My collage cards are now available through my etsy store. Is this subtle-enough self-promotion?

All of my collaged cards are made from the eclectic jumble of things floating around in my craft boxes / bags / room!

I completely fell in love with sifting through the 'bits' and pulling something one-of-a-kind together from items which might otherwise be thrown away or left lingering in craft-limbo:
If you remember my previous 'General Greetings' post [if you don't here's Hello and here's Enjoy] I discussed how, when I'm making throwing lots of eclectic items on my cards, it's hard to pin them down to one theme, which is why I use such generic messages.Hopefully, the general sentiment leaves enough room for whoever buuys the card to read into, or add in their own personal meaning to the card.

For example, this one could work as a 'New Home' card ... but just as easily be given to celebrate the opening of a new shop:
I thought the 'To: From:' could be left as it is, or the sender could add their names by handwriting or using letter transfers / rub-ons. Or they could just add a simple: 'To: You, From : Me' message:
Or perhaps you might buy this one to give to Little Bo Peep ... I don't know ...:
As for those super-useful postage and note themed stamps I've been using, well you might be surprised at whose brand they are. I know was, because they're from Forever Friends. Yes, that Forever Friends. The Forever Friends of the cute teddies cards and stationary of the 80s [which I think is now considered long-enough-ago to be 'retro'. Oh dear.]

I was given them to use in a project for Creativity Magazine last year and have been using them on my own projects ever since. The set is extremely versatile ... and surprisingly contains no cute teddies:
Click photo for more info on this set. And no, I'm not getting paid to promote it. I just really like it and thought you might too!
That postage stamp stamp is so cute! And considering the title of my blog, you can imagine that I'm quite enamoured with the 'Just A Note' message:
I mean, what else was I going to stamp on to a card featuring a supermarket trolley? 'Happy big-grocery-shopping day'? Mind you ... someone sending me a card like that might just help me survive the next time I face Asda on a Saturday afternoon:
Right then, that's all for now. I'll be back later this week.

Thanks for stopping off here today.

Julie :-)

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  1. Holy wowness! Fabulous colors, stamps, and images! Loooooove!

  2. Love that bright yellow card - and I think the idea of a card saying "happy big-grocery shop" would be just brilliant!

  3. Gorgeous cards, I especially love the last as I'm liking yellow a lot right now!

    I am surprised that those stamps are forever friends, I would never have guessed that! They look really great on your projects.

    I've joined in with Going Postal today, you can see my post here:


  4. Hi Julie, loving your going postal and will be keeping it in mind for when i receive all my holiday prints through!

    Fantastic card, I think you might be onto something there with your "happy big grocery shopping day" lol!!

  5. Such prettiness from random supplies, lady - I love all three, although part of me would quite like the trolley card to say 'search for a sheep' as well. ;)

    Also, I am shocked, stunned and horrified to learn that you shop on a Saturday afternoon. Necessity and all that, I guess, but seriously - I would need to invent some kind of superhero crowd-repelling forcefield to survive such a thing. (Either that or borrow my sister's famously pointy elbows.) You are clearly made of even sterner stuff than I realised!



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