Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My Month in Numbers 2011: August

Hi, hi.

In last month's 'Month in Numbers' post I was attempting, against all odds, to keep thoughts of winter at bay but, fighting that losing battle, this month I'm just going to go for full-blown denial. The strain of which must be taking its toll as ... I don't think I've bought any shoes this month. None.

None that I can remember at least ... anyway, here's my August 2011 - in numbers:

1 = the number of trips made to the seaside.

It was a spur of the moment idea of mine, which was OK because the coast is only 20 minutes away and, if anything we should go there more often. This particular trip was to metaphorically 'blow the cobwebs away' but, if you know the kind of summer we've been having here then you'll understand that this trip not only blew away the cobwebs ... but the spiders and all thoughts they've ever had in their spidery lives about spinning-webs ever again too:
I swear I had rain in my ears while walking along the promenade. My ears!!

Now, why don't have these spur of the moment ideas on warm days?

2 chips 1 fish = the takeaway we took home to eat after getting rain in our ears.
But sometimes finding the perfect fish-to-chip ratio can be quite taxing can't it? Because you don't want to get so much you can't eat it all ... nor do you want too little, because it's undignified to fight over battered cod.

So do you have two fish and two chips each? Or should you just get two fish and one chips? One fish and two chips? With or without scraps? Open? Wrapped? So many decisions. Enough to make you hungry really ... We ate it all. 100%.

11 = the number of prizes given away during the Going Postal series.
47 = the number of items pinned to the Going Postal Pinterest board.
96 = the number of people who were following the Going Postal board.

40 miles and 100 years back in time = what was necessary to travel when we visited Beamish:
It's a great - if a little strange - day out, especially if you like period dramas.

In fact, for a good proportion of the time I felt I was in Larkrise to Candleford!

6 = the number of layouts I made for Creativity Magazine, the paint splattering I added to one of them left me looking like this:
My dining room table didn't look much better either. [Luckily the page did!]

Finally ... remember our dabbling with pumpkin relationships in last month's number round-up? Well ... it seems something worked ...

38cm = the circumference, so far, of the one and only squash we've managed to grow. It's just a pity that it decided to grow right above the door:
I could be wrong, but ... I really don't think that gourds are meant to grow like that. We take our lives in our hands every time we step inside ... what kind of damage do you think a falling gourd can do to your skull?

[If you swing back here tomorrow I'll show you the layout I've made about this particular peculiarity in our garden.]


So, that's my August right there. Now it's your turn.

If you're thinking of joining in with your own numbers for August you can add your post to the linky box below but as it's the first time I've used this version, if you have any problems, just leave me a link in the comments instead.

Bon voyage August. Welcome back September.

For the record I hate September, so you should brace yourself for some grumpy numbers this time next month. OK? OK.



  1. Serious, serious damage. Don't go in there without a hard hat..

  2. Grumpy statistics. I'm already looking forward to it :)

  3. That really does look precarious, we don't need a layout about it landed on your head.

    .....and really no shoes are you sure?

  4. Haha...laughing at you photo with the paint speckled face...mine was like that after doing loads of different colours for the googly eyed monster cards last week and yesterday I went to school with glitter all over my face...Not sure i will do a LO this month...maybe next time...

    Take care and I hope September isn't too bad for you...think happy thoughts...

    Kirsti xxx

  5. Superb photos - I love that top one of you, and the glimpses of Beamish ...

  6. Seems like a great, if not a bit washed out, month. September is a grumpy month all that back to schoolness getting in the way of craftiness.

  7. I've enjoyed reading your MiN posts so much that I have decided to join in for the first time this month... it is fun to see that even though we are both close to the water, we don't spend too much time there! ;)

  8. Mmm fish and chips! Sounds like you had a lovely month. Looking forward to your miserable September MiN X

  9. Fab numbers there Julie. I love September, its turning to Autumn & it's just lovely, hope your month is not too miserable. I don't go to the beach much either & it's only a 20 minute walk away.

  10. Darn it, I forgot about 'month in numbers' this month!

    Love your round up of August. Laughed out loud about the rain in your ears!

    Please be careful of that gourd. Maybe a hard hat every time you go in there? x


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