Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Layout: A Broken Favourite

Hello, hello.

It's my turn to blog for the 3DJean Design Team today so I thought I'd share a page made using a backing paper from the Studio2Mers 'Constellations' range which is in stock in the 3DJean shop.

Here it is .. but if you have a favourite mug for your tea/coffee ... you might want to look away now:
I'd had this mug for a good few years. It was perfect for me.
  • Its body ... was just big enough to hold just enough vital caffeine.
The fabric is from this kit, which I guest-designed with in June.
  • Its base ... just wide enough to balance safely on the bed / sofa / my chest ... basically anything I casually set it down upon. 
  • Its handle ... just the right size for me to slide my whole hand through which is my absolute, No.1, essential criteria for a mug as I'm an unabashed mug-hugger.
  • And finally ... its ceramic was just thick enough to withstand most of the mishaps, wobbles and knocks which life with me inevitably brought it.
Over the years it valiantly withstood most of those things.

But not all:
I very nearly cried.
 I was appalled at myself and my carelessness. I just stood staring at my beloved mug.

All 2 separate pieces of it!

I'm wondering if my over reaction to a broken mug might be something I can blame on family folk-lore [well, it's better than appearing entirely feeble and over-emotional isn't it?].

When I was growing up, for as long as I could remember my Grandma drank from the same mug at our house. She only ever drank from that mug and none of us ever used it when she wasn't there.

We joked that she and the mug might be linked together like in the nursery rhyme 'My Grandfather's Clock', where the clock "stopped, short, never to go again when the old man died"! I think we were always worried that if the mug ever broke ... well ... I think you can guess what we worried might happen!  In the end Grandma outlived her mug but seemingly, she passed down her one-woman-one-mug traits to me.

And fear ye not for, while it took time, I finally found a mug to take the place of my own broken favourite [which I blogged about it here ... if you're curious!].

Maybe I should have bought two ... just in case ...

Anyway .. it's nice of you to drop in... shall I put the kettle on?

See you soon.



  1. awww what a terrible thing to happen - i have mug fettish too and will only drink out of thin, preferably chin mugs - i must be getting old!!

    Great layout and that teapot/cup fabric is fantastic!

  2. I feel your pain, truly.. although I must admit this post made me laugh rather than shed a tear (ok, I did gulp a bit at the Grandfather's clock reference.. remember that song from childhood).

    Was a tea-towel also harmed in the making of this lovely layout, by any chance? ;o) If so, it's gone to a worthy place so that's quite ok!

  3. What a great subject! What a great page!!! I love your touches of fabric and the different textures!

  4. I am just off to fill my favourite cup with the same amber beverage. I did buy more than one - a set of four in fact. I am now down to two. Nothing lasts for ever but at least we have our scrapbook pages to keep those precious memories alive. (Brushes single tear from cheek LOL)

  5. Lovely arty painty page!
    Poor mug though :(

  6. I'm always partial to a good cuppa, but it doesn't generally matter what it comes in. I always think that they taste better outside for some reason - camping, car boots and hikes :)

  7. Oh, don't I was feeling sad enough for you before you brought up that song!

  8. Love the storytelling, love the page even more and the background paper, well.....

  9. Oh, feeling for you! But you've honoured your mug's service to you splendidly in this lovely tribute. :)

  10. I know just what you mean! I am completely anal when it comes to mugs, and I have a hierarchy of my favourite mugs. Actually I have a shelf of mugs that are MINE, and a shelf that other people can use. I thought that it was just me that was wierd about this stuff, but it seems I am in good company! And NEVER, EVER give me a drink in a black mug, or a mug that is dark inside.....(shudders at thought)

  11. Shame about your mug- but what a beautiful mixed media layout you've made with it!! Love it!


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