Monday, 8 August 2011

Going Postal: Collage

Hello you. Hello Monday.

First I'd like to thank you for your great response to my previous post - about the ArtisOn workshop. When I blog I'm  never quite sure which topics will inspire pepole to leave comments and join in the conversation ... which is why I try to just blog for myself, and if anyone else likes it too, that's a lovely side-effect! So I was pleasantly surprised that you all seem to have fallen for that workroom / lunch / table filled with paper as I was!

OK then, on to more Going Postal-y business now.

If you've not yet got round to submitting anything for me to pin to the board then, don't worry, you've got until this coming Sunday to do so.

So far we've had layouts, mini-albums, postcards, deco-tape, jewellery, photos ... and more and now I''m throwing 'collage' into that mixed post-bag:
 While I like to make quite abstract shapes and layers in my collages, I also like to have an image on there somewhere and, as small as they are, stamps give me just that.

Similarly, I MUST have words/text/letters on pretty much everything I ever make so once again these feature questions and phrases cut from my favourite vintage school textbook find:
 Thes are some of my latest additions to my etsy shop, and I'm delighted to think that, this morning ...

.... while I'm trying to explain to the bank that they I didn't make an appointment to discuss my financial goals and plans as it says in the letter they sent me ... and that actually they rang me with an offer ... that ...

.....while I'm doing all that,  this particular one will be landing on the doormat of the person who bought it:
When it does land ... I wonder if she'll keep the stamp from the parcel?

Thanks for dropping by, before you go ...
  • I'll be back tomorrow with another way to add a postal feel to a scrapbook page;
  • Don't forget to enter the 3 giveaways [the links are in the sidebar];
  • Swing by the Going Postal Pinterest board to see the work which is already there;
  • [If you liked Kirsty Neale's deco-tape project pinned there - you should check out the other designs she made here on her blog].
  • Get blogging your own project/photos/story for me to pin before Sunday 14th.
Have a great day, I'll see you back here tomorrow, or on Twittter whenever I'm near my laptop!

Julie :-)


  1. She will if she has any artistic sense! and be popping back to see how to add in into a scrapbooking page :). This is such a lovely place to visit.

  2. Those letters are a complete con - you should hear TA on the subject!

    Another visual feast today Julie

  3. Loving your collages, Julie! Look forward to seeing your scrapbooking tomorrow. :o)

  4. Oh, how I love your stitched paper collages! The idea was beautiful on the cards you made a few weeks ago, but if I'm honest, as soon as I saw them I thought 'frame and keep' rather than 'write and send to someone else'. Is that very selfish? (Um, yes...)

    Thanks so much for linking to my second tape post, even if it does contain a shocking lack of enveloperie.


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