Wednesday 31 August 2011

Layout: The Doorway Squash


There are some phrases in life which, once you've said them out loud take on a different colouring to when they were safely still inside your head. You know?

Phrases like: "Did I tell you that we have a squash in the doorway".
If I'd said this to you, you might rightly respond to with: "Oh, do you? Well, perhaps you'd better keep your personal business to yourself".

Or, alternatively, if you were feeling cheeky, you might ask: "How often?".
 And then I'd have to reply [defensively, while blushing]: "No ... really, literally. . Not: 'I literally died' literally. But properly 'literally'!"

"We literally do have a squash in the doorway ... and I have photos to prove it."

Now, here's where you might  put your hand in front of your eyes to protect them from what doorway shenanigans your twisted mind has conjured up.

But then I'd show you this:

And these close-ups:

And we'd all mumble about how it had all been a silly misunderstanding ... 

 ... and agree never to mention it again.

OooooooKaaaayyyyy then. 

Glad we've got that sorted.

Julie x

  • I'm back on Friday with details of a giveaway [I think!] and a new haircut. But then you probably care more about the free stuff than you do my hair. Which is reasonable.
  • Spoiler: the prize is NOT a squash.  


  1. You have really made me smile with this! I just love this witty post and wonderful page - I must get round to practising layering on tags... Yours looks so effortless. And I promise not to mention the S word. Except that it IS rather large. And in the way. Please don't be underneath on Ripen-and-Drop Day ...

  2. At this point I can tell you don't have kids. Otherwise you would have taken this to another level and referred to that classic text 'A squash and a squeeze'. Oooer missuss!
    Luscious layering.

  3. great post Julie lol! enjoyed your lovely layout too.

  4. .....not a squash! now I'm dissapointed!

  5. A word of warning, as you squeeze past your squash, careful not to squish, the squash or you could have squash, squish over your new hair and
    everywhere.... that make sense - entinge doesn't it?

  6. Gorgeous layout & the precariously growing squash, they can be heavy :D

  7. Hurrah! Although I do now have a little bit of squash-envy - our single pumpkin didn't survive in the end. Am so glad to see the insemination assistance paid off for you, but trying hard not to think what the outcome of our respective situations indicates about either of us...


  8. Oh, you do make me giggle miss Julie!

    Fun layout, I like the stamped circles, and the layered words. Fabulous! x

  9. Ha ha missed this first time round - unfortunately I now have squash envy! We have several, but they are about the size of *small* lemons!


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