Saturday, 13 August 2011

Going Postal: Freebie postcards [and other stuff!]

Hi, hi.

This series has been quite a revelation to me! I mean ... I *knew* it was a safe bet that many of you would understand my fondness of postal themed ephemera and stories but I've been surprised at how something new pops up each day:
  • Like the people who've casually mentioned how much they've enjoyed the whole series ... and I'm always amazed at how or where they heard of any of it, let alone the whole thing!;
  • Like the number of people now following the Going Postal Pinterest board;
  • Like the number of you who blogged about it which led to many 'I've just hopped over from XYZ'z blog' type comments [thanks!];
  • Like those fascinating glimpses into your lives you've left for me when I've made you work for your entry to the giveaways. Some of which have made me laugh out loud ... and others have brought a lump to my throat.
  • Like how someone lovely even based her Sketch of the Week blog feature around my series - even if the technology-monsters did manage to eat the accompanying video she made mentioning Going Postal. It's the thought that counts. And that was a big, kind, thought.
  • Like the people who kindly accepted my request to organise a giveaway, or the ones who've offered me something unexpected or even increased the initial number of prizes on offer;
  • And like the talented SJ who dropped me a line asking if she could offer all of you smashing Going Postal people a lovely postcard freebie today ....
Printed here on to kraft cardstock, SJ of Little Musings has designed these birdie postcards for you to download at your leisure and print -off on to the paper + card of your choice whenever you want!
Link fixed now!
Just head over there to grab your free images!

OK then, I might as well grab you while you're still thinking of birds ... to show you a few of my own winged creations:
Click to visit my shop :-)
I've been making collage like a crazy woman this month [Oh, OK, who just said I do everything like a crazy woman? Who was it? Own up!] and I'll introduce you to as many as makes sense in the coming weeks!

I really do love working with paper. I bet you'd never have guessed ... eh?


Right then, while I get all dreamy about paper ... again .... you shouldn't forget that:
  • You just need to hop over to SJ's blog to download your birdy postcards .... maybe those of you who left comments on my previous post - about who you want to write a note to - could use SJ's designs to do just that!
  • 3 out of the 4 current giveaways close to entries at 1pm [UK time] TODAY [13.08.11]! So get your comments in right now if there's still time [links to all giveaways are in the sidebar.]
  • I'll announce the winners either later tonight or tomorrow.
  • There's still time however to enter the Docrafts' giveaway [worth almost £50:00] just visit yesterday's post for details.
I'll be back tomorrow with a final post-y project and quite probably an emotional speech at how much I've enjoyed your participation in Going Postal ...

See you then then.

Julie :-)


  1. Love those birdie collages. That blue budgie is my childhood pet "Bimbo". Can't remember why HE was called that?

  2. Hey lovely lady, i finally got my lazy ass in gear and did a blog post for your quite wonderful series :

    Have really enjoyed all the projects that you and others have come up with for this one, good job!

  3. It's been a blast, Julie!!

    How's about a little series on how you make your gorgeous collages.. or a round-the-uk teaching tour perhaps? ;o)

    Can't wait to see what you're up to next!

  4. those birdie printables by SJ are awesome! It's been such a great series, and I'm highly looking forward to your next one! x


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