Monday, 1 August 2011

Going Postal: 'Lens Envy' - Scrapbooking with envelopes

Hello & Happy New Month!

There's still 2 weeks left to get involved with Going Postal in any-which-way you choose but, if scrapbooking's your thing, then today I have another idea for how to utilise postal-ephemera on your page.
 Whereas in the first two weeks I shared pages with postal stamps on them [here + here], today's page features both the inside and out of standard security envelopes.
You know the kind of envelopes, they're the kind you get from your bank. But [much, much] more importantly ... they're the kind with the pretty patterns inside, such as the blue honeycomb design peeking out between my title lettering here:
If you've never looked, trust me, there are many different, useable, designs lurking within all those envelopes you tear open each day. And they're usually so much more interesting that the rest of the contents!

Inspired by a travel journal  I discovered via Pinterest [by Bonnie van Esch], I used the window of another security envelope as a place to store a half-hidden journaling card [the window is see-through after all!]:
As for the story behind the page ... well, this was an purely accidental shot I managed to catch here. I was not deliberately attempting to capture the relative size of James's camera lens compared with that of the eager man up a step-ladder behind him.

Like the focal photo in the other airshow layout I posted here on Saturday, this was simply meant to be [yet another!] photo of him taking a photo of planes.

However, when I uploaded the photos to my computer and spotted the size discrepancy ... this shot made it straight to the top of my 'To Scrap' pile:
Again, like my previous airshow layout, the base for this page is a floral paper despite the fact that its theme of 'man looking at aeroplanes' not being what you'd necessarily use a flower-print for. But, call me contrary [or deluded] but this is precisely why I chose it - for contrast - and to stop things being overtly 'theme-y'.

I think it works and hopefully, especially for this page ... I don't believe the use of flowers has emasculated the photos! Heaven forbid!
As I so often do, I turned to some pages of various old children's books [with my tongue in my cheek] seeking out appropriate wording to add to the overall story:
And the final touch was the 'It's a Guy Thing' sticker which I sanded because stickers are often too perfect and shiny for my liking:

And here's the full page again, to save you scrolling back up ^^^ there to make your own mind up about whether it all hangs together: the flowers, the security envelopes ... the double entrendre and all!

Anyways ...

Thanks for looking in on me today, let me know if anything you've been inspired by makes it on to a page of your own.

Julie :-)


  • If you love yourself a bit of pretty security-envelope print, make sure you check out Kirsty Neale's 'Security Envelope Deco-tape DIY' on the Going Postal Pinterest board.
  • Check back here tomorrow for the launch of another Going Postal giveaway and for details of the winner of  the digital collage sheet.


  1. boys should have more florals in their lives, they relieve stress. love this LO, what a clever idea. i have had my email for my recipient of my postcard so i am stitching ideas getting ready to send to the usa,
    jo xxx

  2. I think the ensemble works beautifully!!!! What a fun page!!! And I love your humourus title!!! :D I have to start collecting bits of security envelope!
    And I'll be posting a page for this series tomorrow on my blog ;)

  3. It's funny seeing your layout today as I've spirited away some envelopes from the post at work today with a little project in mind.

    I like the flowery background I think it's the colour and tones in your layout which ties it all together.

  4. Great page, I love all the words from different sources again, and the long title with lots of different alphas is cool. The photo and subject matter are great fun too!

  5. It definitely hangs together Julie - I love it! I often struggle with envelopes on pages though I love the look. I have a few mini SMASH ones to use but no idea which side to stick down...?! Both sides pretty! Story of my scrapbooking life...

  6. I hadn't even noticed that the base page was floral until you pointed it out! LOL If you had of asked me later what was used as the base I would have said a blue pattern of some sort.

    Love this layout!

  7. "Tall Inside" is my favourite title for a children's book. I'm thinking you might like it too :)

    I have an idea for a postal page and I really hope to get to it next week

  8. Hi Julie

    Love this page. Never ever thought of using the insides of those envelopes before but will be saving them up now

    I have done a layout using a small covered manilla envelope for journalling not sure if this will count for your Going Postal

  9. fab page, great title - love the florals and the envelope idea. I'll be looking closely at all the mail i get in the post now and saving stuff lol!! xx

  10. Completely adore this. I think it's the colours and combined patterns, alongside all your usual tiny, wordy details.

    Muchos smitten, whatever the reason.



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