Sunday, 31 January 2010

Adios January.

My January ... in numbers:

-7 C = the lowest temperature we spotted on our garden thermometer during the worst of the snow [although it was colder than that through the night]. Yet when life gives you lemons ...

...make lemonade ...

1 = the number of good uses we found for the snow:

90 = the number of miles travelled by the vintage cabinet James rescued last year:
... which has now settled itself into
Hannah's first home. [I can't wait to see how you've brought it back to it's former glory, in spite of the woodworm! Hopefully we'll see both you + it v.soon xx]

2 = the number of Helen's I know who gave birth to baby girls. Both of whom gave their daughters names beginning with 'I'. Welcome Iris and Isabelle!

2 was also the number of birthday candles I blew out. Although, some of the cakes ...
... were more edible than others: 4 = the number of events I've already got planned for spring: two live shows; a crafting retreat and a papercraft show. So excited! Comedy + paper. What else does one need?

3 = the number of people I love in this Christening photo [although only one of them could look that cute in a sailor suit!]:

14 = the number of birds my sister and I counted today in our parents' garden as part of the RSPB's 'Big Garden Birdwatch'! How wholesome an activity was that? So wholesome in fact, that we even managed to prevent Dad from doctoring our survey results to make it appear he had more than 14 birds ... it's really not meant to be a competition!! And not once did we fall for his claims that, while we weren't looking, a golden eagle had landed on the lawn!

1 = the number of birds I drew for my new blog-header. [Which I'm soooo happy with!] I'd planned to draw 3 of them, but I think I've been bitten by the 'less-is-more' bug [I blame it on my recent infatuation with the wonderfully sparse Wallander].

So, 'Adios' January, it's been good knowing you, even with your dark snowy days and your post-Christmas tidying up!

And 'Hola' February. Here's to you and your longer, lighter days; the unfolding of new adventures and the sound of blackbirds in the garden again.



  1. Great post, fabulous dick-dick :) Thought it was a rub-on or some such, don't know why. Perhaps because of its inky perfection.

  2. I love your birdie and new look :)Did you have to show restraint not to have him backed by Wallander's wall?

  3. That white cabinet is gorgeous!!

    Love the new header.. you drew it? Even more fabulous!

    P.S. My GA LO and answers on their way v. soon! :)

  4. Very entertaining post and great header. Glad to see the pink in there, too! Never thought you'd be bitten by the less-is-more bug! :) alexa

  5. A great way to round off a month. Love the new header.


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