Wednesday 27 January 2010

They're all my 'type'.

I like words. But you knew that already didn't you? Was it the name of my blog that gave it away?

The thing is, not only do I like to write and read words, I like to use them in my artwork too. I don't know if you remember the 'Flawed Work of Art' project I made for a Copy+Paste challenge last summer, but it too demonstrated my attachment of all things typographical:

5. Flawed Work of Art

As I mentioned in the challenge post, although I'd made the frame from scratch and given it several coats of paint etc didn't feel complete untilI'd added the wording.

The same thing goes for almost everything I make; layouts; cards; canvasses; altered items ...I'm always battling with how / where/ if I can add in a word or two.

Which is one of the reasons I was excited about the new Studio Calico release 'Anthology':

I like the fact that they consider typography as one of the 'basics'. [There's a more detailed look at that specific design here]. And, with this in mind, I've added a few text themed patterns to my '365: Chasing Patterns' Flickr set, including this:

22/365 - Text; bag; H&M

The 7gypsies paper I've added to the set is actually a close-up of this layout:

I love this layout [that's not big-headed to say that is it?]. It's just that I'd debated with myself as to whether to mix the full-on pattern and colour of the backing paper with all the areas of pale pink paint - but I'm glad I did. The end result is kind of wordy and messy and jumbled and almost romantic .... and so am I. ;)

Despite the text-heavy background, I added on even more wording through my journaling blocks and that fabulous
'It's late my love' quote stamp from 3DJean. I smile when I read the wording on it even now.

I'll leave the font-lovers amongst you with a few places innwhich I can indulge in typographical appreciation:

The Creative Type: a font-filled challenge blog - where I Guest Designed this project last year:

My JF Ringmaster 'J'

We Love Typography: they love typography.

DaFont: free fonts to download. Free! Fonts!

There's so much more I could write about using type in my work ...but I'll leave that for another day; another canvas; another thesis.

J :)


  1. Lovely layout, and *very* lovely man. Mine, although endlessly supportive of finished projects, will look at supplies with something in between disinterest and faint disdain. His pat response is to point at his chest and say 'Do I have breasts? To me, it just looks like a bit of paper.'

    Hurrah for words, typography and James (who, were he font, might well be this one).

  2. I have that quote stamp too and it always makes me smile :)

  3. It's a gorgeous LO, Julie - and what a sweet wonderful man James must be! My DH is not nearly so understanding of my paper obsession.. although he is - of course - just as lovely in other ways!

    PS I recognise those little monkeys (they are cropping up on lots of my recent LOs).. and the little couple hand-in-hand! Fabulous :)

  4. I love that stamp! Nice bloke you've got there.

  5. I also love that stamp! Great LO. I have a stash-seeking chauffeur too but I have to say that he's not even remotely interested in admiring my paper choices..


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