Tuesday, 19 January 2010

This blog post is brought to you by ...

.... plaid.

Plaid, tartan, chequered, checks, gingham ....whatever you call it, it's my pattern of the week in my '365 Patterns' project.

The reason I chose plaid this week is due to this outfit which I wore to a Christening on Sunday.

The star of the show wore an adorable bespoke navy and white sailor suit, meanwhile I pulled this mustard and grey combo together to co-ordinate with the skirt.

I've added 7 plaid-themed patterns, including that of the skirt, to my '365: Chasing Patterns' Flickr set. Don't forget you can add any patterns of your own to the group I created too.

[I left the top of the photo un-cropped so you can see a glimpse of a pattern that will definitely be making its way into my project sometime this year!].

I've been having a browse around for some sneak peaks for the new paper ranges which will be released after the CHA exhibition this month. A collection from Studio Calico is the one I'm most interested in so far ...let me knnow if you've found anything particularly wonderfully patterned won't you?



  1. Cute outfit! So far I'm loving the Studio Calico too and some of the Sassafras..but that's just for starters I think.

  2. What a fab outfit! LOVE the yellow gloves and belt.

    I hardly dare look at new CHA stuff as I know there's a fair chance I will NEED more stash if I do.. and I really don't need more stash! ;)

  3. Gorgeous outfit, you look fantastic! You know it's really not done to upstage the child at their own christening ;)
    I'm got lots of lovely vintage patterned fabric I want to add to your flickr group but taking decent photos is a nightmare at the mo. It keeps raining so I can't shoot outside and my little cottage is v dark inside. I'll manage it one day!

  4. Sigh. Utterly gorgeous outfit - you do, indeed, look wonderful. Yellow gloves, for the love of heavenly!

    On my yarn-buying travels yesterday, and after more than half an hour of to-ing, fro-ing and most probably annoying the hell out of any lurking store detectives, the colours I ended up picking were pale grey, mustard and a mink-ish sort of shade. Were you, or were you not, communicating this palette to me via telepathy?

    On the plus side, I pretty much have the means to crochet my own Julie now...


  5. I heart those shoes so much! And those gloves! sigh......... can I come drool over your closet :-) Lovin the flickr group!

  6. Lovely outfit and that wallpaper at the top of the stairs is great- where did you get it?

  7. Love the outfit!
    I haven't worn a skirt in an age...really need to rectify that!!


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