Tuesday 12 January 2010

It begins with a dress + ends in a bucket.

When I began my pattern-collecting project, the first pattern I uploaded to my '365: Chasing Patterns' Flickr set was that of the All Saints dress which James bought me for my birthday. A dress which I wasn't allowed to wear until the day itself, which waas Sunday. While the weather may not have initially seemed to lend itself to wearing a fine cotton, floaty frock, the addition of a long sleeve T-shirt, a cardigan, some thick tights, legwarmers and chunky boots kept the hypothermia away. And while I may be officially another year older, I hope I'm never too old to feel the need to do this:I was so pleased with the response I've had to my pattern chasing idea I decided to set up a Chasing Patterns Flickr group so anyone with a Flickr membership can join in and share their patterns ... which includes you. You absolutely do not have to join in with my mad 365 target - you're simply welcome to add any photos of interesting patterns at any time.

I've uploaded 7 more patterns this week - several of which are directly connected to my birthday. I didn't originally plan to have seasonal patterns or themes in my uploads, but as I need to reach the 365 goal, it seems sensible to photograph and collect patterns as and when they occur.

In other news:

Right then, I'm off to get warm and to eat something and I'll leave you with the line in question [which I liked so much I actually scrapped it!]:

"I was on the front porch drowning a mouse in a bucket
when this van pulled up, which was strange."


  1. You are (a) too lovely, (b) doing that frock some serious justice and (c) sending me off to Audible to finally - finally! - take on David Sedaris.

    I am (a) most grateful, (b) looking forward to Thursday and (c) reminded of a woman on the radio one morning, who started her phone call, 'you know when you skin a goat...'.


  2. Oh loving the dress, tights, legwarmers, boots combo!!

    Consider me and the chasing patterns Flickr group joined at the hip. I am off to scout some uber lovely patterns to share. I may even join you in the 365 goal...


  3. To coin a Kirtsy, you have a) managed to start a pattern finding frenzy b) got style, even in legwarmers and c) got the perfect tongue in cheek humour x

  4. Ooh, now there's a line I wish i'd written myself! Lovely birthday dress.

  5. Fab frock and you're never to old to twirl! Hope you had a great birthday


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