Monday 8 November 2010

2 Years. Page 9. 1 happy blogger.

Hi you.

I really couldn't wait until the end of the month and my regular Month in Numbers post to share a few special numbers with you. So here goes ...

I'm 2 today!

Well, actually my blog is. I began writing these here notes on paper on the 8th of November 2008.

Somehow though, it feels like longer, in a good way ...

Since I began blogging, my creative career has moved on so far. What with regularly freelancing for crafting magazines; opening an etsy shop and delivering my own online classes ... I'm actually doing what I've dreamed of [throw in a book deal and I'm done!].

And I have the dark circles under my eyes and the smile on my face to prove it.

In an oddly appropriate coincidence, the exact day of my 2nd blog anniversary just happens to be the 1st time I've featured in a newspaper!

Before you ask, yes, that is me looking through a coathanger and holding out my pom-poms for all to see ... but apart from the awkwardness of seeing myself in print the feature, about the Copy + Paste 12 Days workshops, is more than I ever could have hoped for.

Especially when it all came about as an optimistic tweet to the paper's Family Life editor!

Two years ago I began my blogging-life with a post titled: 'Yes ... We Can'... and do you know what?

I still believe that that's true.

Thanks for keeping me company over these last two years.

J x


  1. That's fab, Julie, well done you! (and what ARE you going to do with the hangers? If only I'd seen this before I got rid of that humungous bag of the things on Freecycle, lol!)

  2. That's your first post? Beats saying 'Hello World' doesn't it? And, of course, illustrates why you're so popular - funny, optimistic and ever so entertaining x

  3. Congratulations, Julie! Great to see you featured in the press, and hope it results in lots more takers for the class, which was great fun last year. Happy Birthday for the blog, too! We continue to read and enjoy and be stimulated, so thank-you! :)

  4. Fantastic Julie! Such a lovely write up and a wonderful way to celebrate two years of brilliant blogging. Here's to many more :)

  5. Congratulations on two years of blogging Julie. It's always wonderful to see what creativeness you've been up to and with all your talents a book isn't out of the question ;)

  6. Happy blog-birthday, you!

    So excited to see the finished piece. We sound marvellous (ha!) and you look adorable. In yellow, of course. ;)

    Thx for posting pics.


  7. There was I just scrolling through our local paper when my crop buddy popped up. Despite thinking why is Julie wearing a coat hanger(after all who am I to question her fashion sense) I felt really chuffed for you. I can't believe you've only been blogging for 2 years. Here's to the next two and seeing you in print more often

  8. Well done Julie. So very pleased for you, keep up the great blogging

  9. Happy belated blog birthday Julie :) The article is fab and that book is only a matter of time - I feel it in my bones and they have never been wrong yet ;)

    You are an inspiration to so many people - proof that it can be done :)


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