Tuesday 17 May 2011

Found: Crazy vintage knitting pattern.

Hello you.

All I'm going to say about this post is 'brace yourself'.


A few weeks back I found this craziness in a charity shop:
It was inside a plastic bag filled with an old collection of dressmaking and knitting patterns and, up until the moment I found this particular delight, I'd been leafing through the collection, respectfully.
Before the startling discovery of knitted masks [!!] I'd actually been quite moved at the thought of how the pattern collection had gotten to be there.
Who had lovingly saved them over the years? What happened to them?

Was there no one in their family who wanted to keep them?
How many could I feasibly take home with me?
But, call me heartless [or actually it might be just how life should be] but, after seeing this little guy ...
... I began stifling a giggle [I felt obliged not to laugh out loud as there were other people in the room].

Then I had to look away before I burst.

I know nothing of knitting [apart from the fact that no-one ever knew how to teach it to a left-hander!] so if I read about 'Tension' ...
... all I can think of is the eyes of the young model beneath this particularly special headwear:
While battling with the giggles, I nudged James and showed him.

He laughed.

Out loud.

And then so did I. And I couldn't stop.

So I sent him to the till to ask how much it [and 4 other patterns I fell in love with] would cost.
Turns out that 50p buys a whole barrel of joy round here.

I truly hope the original owner got as much pleasure from them ... even if the little boy who she knitted them for was not so amused!

Thanks for reading me today. I hope their little masked faces brought a smile to yours!
Julie :-D


  1. Julie could you kindly photocopy it and send it to me I know a certain person who would love that as the handmade gift on our weekend away :)

  2. Oh my, there is something vaguely terrifying about those masks, esp with a pompom on top!

  3. Oh dear, my sides are aching... So funny Julie!
    You don't have any would-be bank robbers in your family? This pattern would be so useful...
    Mind you, if we get another winter like the last two, you may be glad of those face-mask balaclavas - better learn to knit this summer!
    Still laughing...

  4. Oh my how funny is this post!only on Saturday was i at my mums and she has all her old knitting patterns, including some very similar to yours. She asked son No3 if he would wear a balaclava if she knitted him one.......he very firmly declined!! (My brother, bless, had to wear them when he was little) DH said he's have one for under his crash helmet!! Great post x

  5. Old knitting patterns really are quite scary. Do you remember the string vest one I found?

    The mask looks like it's made for hardened criminal about to do an armed robbery not a 4-8 year old LOL

  6. That is the scariest knitting pattern I have ever seen. You know how much I love them, but I have never ever seen one like this before

  7. Haha, imagine getting on public transport today wearing one of those and a backpack, you would arrested before you got to the next stop.

  8. Horrendous. Seriously horredous. What kind of mother would send their child out the house wearing that thing??

  9. The fonejacker's mummy was obviously a fan of this pattern :D

  10. Now I know what to knit for Hubs for Christmas, it would serve him right for laughing at me whilst I was learning to knit.

  11. Aren't these great? Just the ticket for our snowy blizzards up here - I want one!

  12. I'm not sure I should admit this, but Steve wears one of those balaclava-ish things under his motorbike helmet every day (it keeps his ears tucked in)!

    Sadly, his is thin black cotton lycra, and sans creepy mouth/eye holes. Oh, for the knitting skills to upgrade him to one of these...

    (And before you ask, I'd be *entirely* prepared to drill a hole through the top of the helmet to accommodate a bobble.)



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