Tuesday 31 May 2011

My Month in Numbers 2011: May

Well hello there. 

Another month has cunningly wriggled it's way past us so it's time for My Month in Numbers ... as always, you're welcome to think about your own and throw them right back at me.

I'll go first ...

T13 + T14 = the  numbers of the seats we sat in to watch Jon Richardson live in stand up for the second time:
Seeing comedians live is one of the best ways to spend an evening. There's something so positive about leaving the comfort of your sofa to sit in a room full of strangers with only one purpose ... to laugh. 

However ... there are times when it leaves me in an awkward position as I have been known to get 'over' someone right there in the middle of their act. It's not that I didn't enjoy their show ... or that it wasn't funny ... something just switches in my head and I smile and laugh ... but I have no enduring urge to see them perform again.

I'm pleased to report that this didn't happen this time around! I came away from Jon Richardson's show with my love for him still firmly in tact. A fact which I'm sure he's thoroughly relieved about too ... I'm sure ...

4000 plus = the number of tweets I've inflicted on the world. When I spotted the number was approaching 4000 I felt a bit like when some people get excited at watching the mileage in the car turn over to a nice, big, round number.

I thought to myself 'Ooh I'll have to say something interesting to mark that particular century.' ... then the next thing I knew it was on 4006 and I'd been rambling on about all the usual.

Ah well ... when that counter hits 5000 [which probably won't be that long] ... I'll be ready with the perfect tweet, just you wait and see ...

19 = the number of years that have passed since James and I first got together: 

2 = the number of notebooks-as-anniversary-gifts that found their way into our house this month:
When I came downstairs to find the gift he'd left for me before going to work my first thought was 'Oh my what a beautiful grey, leather notebook'.

My second thought was ... 'But ... I've bought him a lovely grey leather notebook too ... what the ... how the ... but how????'. 

I guess that's good enough proof that we're meant to be together! 

88 metres = how much tape there is on the 2 rolls I bought for my new ATG gun. After seeing everyone at the crop use one I finally decided to give it a go and take on the almighty piece of sticky-kit. What I won't tell you is how many minutes it took me to learn how to load the tape into the gun ... pathetic really ... ;-)

£33-ish = I'm kind of embarrassed about this number as, once again, it marks the amount I've spent on shoes. My shoe buying habit always seems to make it into my Month in Numbers posts doesn't it?

However I think the following details should partly exonerate me from accusations of extravagance...

Rarely, if ever, do I go out searching 'for something to match' a specific outfit. I prefer it to all just 'happen'. But I have a party to go to and a dress that even I didn't already have the shoes to match. 

I just couldn't find anything for weeks until I finally spotted the only suitably styled, correctly coloured, non-limb-endangering-heeled pair in the entire world [seemingly] ... but they cost £75!

It was tough ... but decided to leave them in the shop ... and to only go back if all else failed. A few shops later I spotted another pair which picked out the colour in my new dress:
 ... then I bought a second pair too [different ones!] ... for good luck ... and even then I paid less than half of what the others would have set me back.

That said ... the ones that got away were soft cream leather peep toes, with a lacy effect cut out of the leather ... with wooden heels!!

So, you know, let's not get carried away in celebrating how I now have no valid excuse to buy them! [I've pinned the actual shoes to one of my Pinterest boards here if you want to see].


OK then, those are my numbers from the last 31 days ... and yours? You're welcome to share your own statistical-snippet in the comments below, in a blog post, photograph, art journal page ... anything of your own. Just let me know about it and I'll edit this post to add a link to your numbers.

Here's who's already playing along:
  1. Mel J from 'Let's Get Scrappy' blogged these numbers ... which contain a seriously impressive amount of sweet-stuff. I mean, a family get together which involves a 'dessert bar'???  ... ooh 'Hello' Mel's family!
  2. Month in Numbers stalwart ClaireLiz from 'The Crafty Alchemist' has battled lack of sleep and a grumpy dog to bring us her May numbers scrapbook page ... so it only seems right you go and reward her efforts! 

So, fare-thee-well May. You're always a great month for celebrations round here ... but next month is already hot on your heels with 2 trips away booked, both to celebrate 30th birthdays! And so June's numbers begin ...

Maybe you'll collect your start-of-Summer statistics and share them with me next time round.


Julie x


  1. I think it was good economics to get TWO pairs of shoes for less than the price of one - although the others do sound very special.
    I have had a go at my month in numbers since I am on half term and had the time to spare.
    Quite a good exercise - it made me feel almost scholarly!
    Thanks Julie!

  2. Great numbers as always Julie - love the shoes too.


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