Saturday, 7 May 2011

My baby 'Smash' book

Hi you.

I totally keep forgetting to show you the freebie mini Smash book I got from  a giveaway on the Smash Stories blog ... so here it is:
Why, yes, indeed, I am one of the cool ones ... funny how they knew that, eh?  

As if it wasn't exciting enough [for someone with an extreme notebook habit] being sent a free, cute journal ... this is how itwas delivered. Is that not the most adorable packaging you could wish to find on your doormat?
And yes ... I've kept the envelope.

It even came complete with stripey paperclips:

And some words of wisdom about how to use the journal:
Then there's the illustration of a man in his knickers:
Complete with a printed vellum page to cover his modesty:
Finally. there were some wonderfully cool, useable, stickers tucked into the back:
It's even made from that kind of brown/kraft card that always tempts me to chew it ... and if it wasn't such a handsome item ... I probably would succumb to giving it a little nibble ...

BTW: As I've had this 'kraft smells tasty' conversation before - either here or on Twitter - I know that some of you know exactly what I mean!
There seem to be quite a few giveaways on the Smash blog so you might want to have a look there. In fact, I think they give away full size ones, not tiny taster versions like mine.

Ooh ... it's a 'taster' version ... maybe I'm not so crazy after all ....

Soon enough.

Julie x


  1. You know I'm with you on the stash sniffing thing! I have my Smash on order...too excited!! Xx

  2. I share your book addiction, but I prefer chocolate to kraft...
    That little man in pants, with the vellum cover-up - too funny!
    It's a great prize and thanks for the link to Smash blog!

  3. wow, what a great book! Love the dude in his underpants and the cover up costume! so fun! x

  4. Now, I've heard some people say "oh, it's just a glorified notebook" and I've heard other people say "that's really cool". It's looking pretty cool from here.

  5. Oooh you lucky thing you. Love your smash book, I've made a start on making my own but haven't got very far yet lol

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE the details on this, the embellies and the colours. Simply stunning. Well done...xoxo Nadia

  7. I'm grudgingly admitting that is one very cool looking notebook and FREE! (The best kind!)

    Is it bad that I'm more in love with what it came in though?

  8. How cool is that? I love imaginative packaging, and those the little card strips are just begging for a LO ...

  9. I just received mine this morning, I got the same one as you :) I am really looking forward to the bigger smashbooks being avaliable in the UK!

  10. This is so cute!! Hadn't heard of smash books before.. will be exploring their website. Thanks for sharing!


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