Sunday 8 May 2011

Scrapbooking the story: Go on, put it on your head

Hello, hello.

Apart from cake-eating and wine-drinking, are there any other rituals you and your friends act out over and over again when you get together?

A ritual such as ... say ... something like ... putting things on your head while someone takes a photo ...? No?

Just us then?
Personally, I blame HannahBanana whose personal fondness for head adornments seems to have infected us all:  
In this instance I'm wearing the ends of a reel of ribbon in the style of Minnie Mouse:
And here I am again rather fetchingly modelling fish-shaped chipboard door hangers:
But it's not just me:
No, we're all guilty of it. Having looked through my albums I've found evidence of the following items being placed on various heads:
  • bunny ears;
  • a cat's eye mask;
  • a ribbon wreath;
  • a polystyrene wreath;
  • a paper tea-cup;
  • a large fake flower;
  • an apron;
  • a large Halloween bat decoration;
  • an inflatable pumpkin;
  • a bicycle light;
  • a pop-up bin ...and ...
... one of my all time favourites: Hannah wearing clock ... in an aisle of IKEA. 

But, from that trawl through my albums I've come to realise that there's another sub-class of ritual going on too ... it's not just a simple case of putting things on our heads ...

No... it's other body parts too. There are just as many photos of us with things:
  • over our eyes;
  • in our eyes - like monocles;
  • hanging from ears;
  • over our mouths;
  • over our top lips - like a moustache and over ...well, let's just call them 'other' body parts ... and leave it at that shall we?
But that's all for another layout, another day.
Julie ;-)

I tweaked my page elements to fit with one of Shimelle's 'National Scrapbooking Day challenges. Challenge 2 was to create a triangle of features - which I did by repeating snippets of colour 3 times across the page.


  1. ......Oh is this unnatural?..I thought everyone did it!

  2. This was, without a doubt, the best post to start a Monday morning with.
    I'm laughing so hard - long live the head adornments I say!

  3. That's the norm where I come from Julie !!

  4. ha ha, looks like a lot of fun! Great layout, it has loads of energy. x

  5. Oh my - that's a lot of fun! What else would creative people do when they all get together, except be ... well, creative?

  6. Fab page Julie, & how wonderful that you have a friend who is as willing to be as silly as necessary in order to get cracking photos :D

  7. I think you are letting this craze go to your head, you are all in danger of becoming a bunch of headonists

  8. lol!! this made me smile...we are all the same!! fantastic layout, love the mixture of fonts :)


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