Friday, 20 May 2011

Introducing: Tips for the Design Team-curious

Hi, hi, hi.

So, Design Teams.

I’ve been on a few …

... and then again ...
... too few to mention I’ve looked at the workings of a lot more to keep up to date, look out for new opportunities and generally indulge in my curiosity for who’s who and what’s what in the crafting industry right now.

I know, that last line's not quite as catchy as the original opening lines of My Way, but what it lacked in poetry it made up for in factual accuracy.
  1. I have indeed been, still am in fact, a part of various creative design teams [see my sidebar for further details]and;
  2. I do spend time each week reading through the latest calls for new team members.
All of which has retrospectively been transformed into ‘research’ for my brand new blog series starting next week:
They say ‘all advice is autobiographical’ don’t they? And yes, much of what I’ll be sharing will come from first-hand experience however I’ll also be presenting the wider picture of current trends within DT recruiting, requirements and expectations.

Like ‘Tips for the Twitter-curious’ [my first in-depth blog series] the new series ‘Tips for the Design Team-curious’ combines a general introduction with a user guide and a deeper look at some of the issues surrounding the topic. But my main focus throughout this one will be to inform, coach, encourage and support any Design Team hopefuls amongst you.

That said … I will NOT be pandering to unrealistic expectations or setting life on a Design Team on a pedestal [not even if it's a prettily-edge-punched-patterned-paper-covered pedestal!].

Far from it.

No, the advice will be open, honest, unexpected and even at times counter-intuitive making this a series which should appeal to a wide range of readers.

This includes you if you're:
  • a bit unclear about exactly what a creative Design Team is [Hello Dad!];
  • wanting to broaden your creative horizons in some way;
  • a DT hopeful who'd really like to be on a team but doesn’t know where to begin;
  • someone who's tried and failed to be selected in the past;
  • thinking of setting up a DT for your own blog/company [think: ‘free market research’!].
And finally, it's even for you if you’re not interested in the Design Team lifestyle whatsoever for I haven't neglected you.

Where applicable, the advice I give will also be:

and even:
OK then, let me make something clear from the start …
.... apart from things like ‘how to balance yet another dress on a makeshift hanger sculpture growing outside a wardrobe’ and ‘how to creatively cram another new notebook into that non-expanding shelving unit’ [two things which I am King of] I’m not claiming to be an expert here.
I'm not the fount of all Design Team wisdom.

I’m not saying I’m the highest most flying-est Design Team member on the crafty planet and therefore that's why you should drop by while I’m handing out ‘Tips for the Design Team-curious’ ...

But what I am saying is ... drop by because I'll have:
  • details on what DT recruiters are looking for in a team member;
  • tips for improving your chances of being selected to a DT;
  • tips on making DT life work for YOU;
  • honest assessments of the balance of motives and expectations involved;
  • clarification on some misconceptions about what a DT can offer you.
Much of which can easily be applied to areas of your existing crafting or blogging activities and even your personal and creative development.

And if you need any more convincing ... it's free and there should be interesting conversations sparking up in the comments!

So, if you fancy it:
  •  join me on Monday 23rd May for the first installment.
Before then:  
  • if my 'Tips for the Twitter-curious' class helped you become Twitter literate [Twitterate?] you could consider sharing details of this new series via Twitter.
  • You can copy and paste this link if it's easier for you. Thanks!
And if you don't fancy the new series at all?
  • If you don't then firstly, I have broad shoulders ... I'll take it on the chin ...
  • and secondly maybe you'd consider passing on the details to a friend who might be interested? Thank you.
So I'll see you soon, be you DT-curious or not DT-curious ... or even not yet DT-curious but I'm curious to find out if I am curious curious.

Julie :-)


Please note: During the series I will NOT be referring negatively to any teams or companies by name. I ask that, if you share experiences or opinions in a comment, you stick to this way of doing things too.

Thank you in advance … you can collect yourself an ‘I Play Nice’ sticker for your cardigan on your way out.


  1. Hi Julie:
    I'm very curious, and now I'm really looking forward to your series! Have a great weekend, and I'll "see" you next week.
    :-) Janice

  2. This looks like it will make interesting reading.... I'll be there next week!

  3. See you Monday when I'll be curious to find out more :)

  4. Really looking forward to this! I've been thinking about DTs quite a bit recently so great timing for me:)

  5. this is a FABULOUS idea! can't wait to see your posts. :)

  6. I like stickers so I'll be reading next week!


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