Saturday 18 June 2011

Art Journal Challenge: Week 15 - Travel

Hi there.

So I kind of got behind on the weekly art journaling challenge I was taking part in over on the UKStampers forum.

Kind of ... 10 weeks behind ... but I'm catching up. As and when.

Here's my take on Week 15's 'Travel' theme:

My first response to the prompt was 'But I don't really travel anywhere' ... so that's what I based my page around!

A part of the challenge was to use an old map and I found the perfect snippet left over from the old map I used to decorate this polystyrene wreath last year:
The circles on background were made by spritzing through one of my favourite stencils which is just the cardstock outer surround of a sheet of circle alphabet stickers which have long since been used up.  

In fact, I use lots of similar surrounds from stickers and chipboard letters or shapes as my stencils. I find it more interesting [and cheaper] than buying 'proper' ones!
Once I spray through a stencil I usually flip it over and get a reverse image on the page too [which is why the circles above are white and the surround is blue - the reverse of the image below]. Isometimes do it just by closing the book while the stencil is still in place.
The other elements include rub-ons, a 7Gypsies sticker, words cut from the packaging of travel-themed stationary - not forgetting stamps - seeing as how it's for a UKStampers challenge! [I have to remind myself to stamp on the pages somewhere!]

Well, I'll leave you for now, but I really will keep trying to catch up ... even though there's a new prompt on it's way tomorrow for Week 25

I'll see you soon ... with another art journal page .. or 10.



  1. I think your spread is gorgeous. It really has energy, and the colours are beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous journal page Julie.

  3. I'm sitting here nodding away. i do exactly the same to get my stencils and also using the negaitive print :D My favourite technique :P

    Love this page. I love to drive so we do pootle about this country a bit but I've only ever left the UK once and that was Euro Disney so not sure it even really counts *g*

  4. I really enjoyed this spread, especially the opposites quality of it.


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