Tuesday 14 June 2011

Scrapbooking the story: The curtain of poetry

Hello, hello.

A few weeks ago we went to see the Jaume Plensa exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

And it was awesome.


In fact, I was a little overawed if I'm honest. By the time I reached the final piece of work I was a little overwhelmed and had to leave the room ... battling back tears ...

I know .. either I reeeeaaaalllly adore sculpture or I'm a complete crazy-lady ... [actually it's a bit of both ... ].

But, with that in mind, when it came to making a scrapbook page featuring some of the photos we took that day ... I thought I'd be safer with a work that didn't make me lose my mind/composure in a public space!

So instead here's a page about Twenty-nine Palms a curtain made of steel letters which form strands of poetry from 29 of Plensa's favourite poets:
One of the most joyous parts of this work is that you're allowed to touch it!

In fact, you're encouraged to touch it and when you do, when you gently run your hands along the letters, they tinkle and chime adding to the magical feel of a curtain of floating poetry.

[There are a few videos of it on Youtube if you really to hear it for yourself - just search for Jaume Plensa].
As a lover of words, poetry, text-based art and sculpture ... who also likes to take photos ... it should go without saying that I took a lot of photos of this particular piece!

And when I wasn't taking photos of it I was trying to read it:
 Unlike the one which nearly made me cry [which I still loved ... just in a different way] Twenty-nine Palms made me smile and drift and get as excited as a six year old at being allowed to touch the art!
I'm quite tempted to try to squeeze in another visit before the Plensa exhibition closes in September, but even if I don't ... I have enough photos to keep me going for a little while at least.

I'd love to know if you've seen any of  Plensa's work - I know he's an international artist - but I'll leave it up to you to declare whether or not it made you cry or feel like a child again!
Julie :-)

The small print:


  1. Would love to tell you how much I love this layout but literally can't find the right words. The colours, the texture, the details... *swoon*

  2. Wow, I love that layout, awesome colors!! Great job!!

  3. Julie, this is such a stunning layout - soft, dreamy ... This is clearly a Must See, and you have brought it to us so wonderfully.

  4. I love everything about this page - the photos, the colours, the stitching, all of it!

  5. Oh how I wish we had something like that near us!

    Love this page like everyone else has said, love that little block of stitching and love your way with words... I must master how to journal without cheese!

    Which one made you cry?

  6. Thanks everyone - I'm always amazed when I post something which gets such lovely reactions!

    @Alexa - it is a 'must see' - I hope you get the chance!

    @Carmen - the one I struggled with is called 'Three Graces' - you can Google for an image of it - but I don't think that will help explain my reaction much.

  7. This LO is absolutely so beautiful, and I wish I had seen the sculpture, just so inspiring. tfs.

  8. Julie, it's such a beautiful LO, I love it. Love Jaume Plenas'a work, we saw an exhibit of his when we were in Spain once and I remember being completely overwhelmed too.

  9. What an innovative page! I love how your design preserves the spirit of the original art piece, that had such an emotional impact on you! Beautiful!

  10. Love the colors, love the sketch... love all the details !!


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