Thursday 30 June 2011

My Month in Numbers 2011: June


Half way. Half over. All downhill from here. Only 177 days until Christmas ...  etc etc ... which is a long and rather bleak way of saying: 'welcome to the end of June and another Month in Numbers post'.

I heard someone on the radio the other day mention that we're in the middle of summer ... and it came as quite a surprise! A quick calculation and a quick flip through the calendar in my head and yes ... despite weather evidence to the contrary it would seem he was correct. We're in the middle of summer. Already! Who knew?

Here's how my Mid-Summer numbers racked up ...

18 = the number of Halloween and Christmas themed projects I've made for magazines. Which may go some way to explain my confusion over the whole 'it's Summer' thing.

306 = the amount of miles travelled to and from 2 weekends away. One North bound, the other South. Both of which were to help celebrate 30th birthdays.

23cm = the length of a Curly Wurly bar ... bear with me ...

The restaurant we ate in, on one of those 30th birthday weekends, added a Curly Wurly for each of us in with our receipt even though, and I assure you, we were not at a children's restaurant!

I've heard people suggest that Curly Wurly's seem to have gotten smaller since we were young but in this case I didn't mind. How else would I have fit it in my handbag?
Speaking of my silver handbag, it's the 2nd silver bag I own and I also have a pair of silver heels ... and now ... I have some silver wedges. See below for evidence:

£34 = [I'm going to say this quick as I'm embarrassed ...] the price I paid in the sale, while on the weekend away, for yet another pair of shoes. These shoes in fact:
I'm quickly realising I'm a shiny-shoe magpie. And my, oh my, are these especially shiny and spangly:
678 = the colour of the dye I just put on my hair. And in case you can't picture what colour 678 is ... its alternate name was 'Ruby Red' and it looks like this:

30-ish = the number of years my Dad had a flash-back to when on a day out with this little chap:

He [the 2 year-old ... not Dad] was really eager to get into the van with 'Po Pa! Po Pa!' but another little boy was still on the ride. Then, while he was trying to wriggle away to get near Postman Pat my Dad had a little drift back in time to the 1970s, when he had an equally wriggly, eager toddler of his own ... as  he stated firmly ...

"Just wait a minute Julie".

When he realised what he'd said Dad was very amused at his time-slip-of-the-tongue. Needless to say, I did as I was told ... and never once tried to climb into that bright red van!

So those were June's vital statistics. July begins with me going away for another weekend [all this gadding about is unheard of!] but this weekend should be slightly different.

For a start, no one is turning 30 this time around and I'm definitely going to attempt to abstain from shoe-purchasing ... plus there'll be a lot more aeroplanes involved.

As ever, feel free to join in, throw me your numbers, link me to your Month in Numbers posts.

Edited to add:
  • Claireliz - my monthly statistical stalwart added another lovely number themed layout to her own  Month in Numbers album here this time round.
If I don't get back to you immediately ... it's only because I'll be rain-dodging, shoe-dodging and hot-dog hunting on my weeked away.

I really hope you had a good June but I hope your July's even better.

See you soon.



  1. I love your Month in Numbers! Great story about Postman Pat and Julie ... Hoping you have a lovely time and - truthfully - you can only look as so many aeroplanes. There is BOUND to be a shoe-shop within walking distance. :)

  2. Great numbers Julie, glad to hear you do what your dad says lol, have a great weekend, my month in numbers will go up at some point over the weekend.

  3. Great bling. And I love the fact u were given curly wurlies instead of small minty chocolates.....that is so cool and where is this restaurant? LOL. O and yep, I swear they are definately smaller....either that or I am bigger!
    finally joining in with my month in numbers :)


    ok, my attempt at linking didn't work so I just pasted in the address. I really must learn the technical bits one of these days!!!!!!


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