Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The predictability of The Scrapbooker on holiday

Hello there you.

I'm back. [Yes, I was away ... and now I'm returned unto you ...and I'm just going to assume you missed me ... then we can move on with our relationship in tact].

I spent a few hours yesterday uploading the photos we took on our long weekend and I got to thinking that I needed to coin a new phrase to explain some of  the photos I'd taken ...

It would be a phrase along the lines of existing phrases such as:
  • As sure as night follows day;
  • If you pay peanuts ... you get monkeys; and
  • If you sleep with dogs ... you wake up with fleas;
... that sort of thing anyway ... except my new phrase would be to describe the certain form of inevitability of some of the moments and photographs which might result if you go on holiday with a scrapbooker [or, more specifically, with me].

So, the new phrase would go something like:
  • If you go on holiday with a scrapbooker ... you should expect to pose for at least one 'Look, it's us ... in shadow!' shot:
Or ...
  • If you turn your back on an unattended, camera-weilding, scrapbooker ... expect to discover lots of candid 'I didn't know you were taking that' type shots on your memory card.
Or ...
  • If you're trying to pick a scrapbooker out of a crowd ... just look for the person who is taking a photo of a person taking a photo ...
There are more examples ... many, many more ... which I'm certain will crop up [no pun intended] here at some point but for now ... I'll leave you with this ...
  •  If you go on holiday with a scrapbooker ... don't be surprised, when unpacking in the hotel room, to find an alphabet sticker nonchalantly stuck to the back of one of your shoes:

A Basic Grey letter 'O' nonchalantly stuck to the back of your shoe ... to be precise: 

It's a natural consequence of life with a scrapbooker.

Wouldn't you say?


So, what traces of scrapbooker do you regularly leave on your camera's memory card or even on your family's footwear? Do share ... I know it's not just me ...

Julie x


  1. I've done the stray alphabet thing. I also tend to bring notebooks with me and then I'm too busy having a good time to actually write anything in them

  2. Haha, love the sticker! I used to watch my children making scrapbooks of their holidays, and now it's me frantically writing stuff down because I know I'll forget it. And of course it's no good telling yourself that even if the photos get somehow lost, we've still enjoyed the experience. If those photos go missing, sunshine, we'll need to do the whole holiday again!

  3. I'm definitely one for sneaky didn't know you were taking that photos & quite often find glitter in places it really shouldn't be, my most unusual one was a Thicker stuck in my hair that a work colleague pointed out to me, another crafty friend that I work with turned to this colleague & in a quiet & hushed voice said "don't worry about her...she's artistic, she can't help it" charming eh?

  4. For us you can spot the scrapbooker who will precariously balance her slr just to get a perf shot of the two of us - rather than singles!

  5. The scrapbooker will be the one saying "ooh could I just take that thanks" for every menu, leaflet, receipt, ticket stub etc and taking pictures of the contents of her suitcase.

  6. It's just a Scrappy Thing, isn't it?
    So funny about the photos - and the "O" stuck on your shoe! I found a small, pink letter stuck to my skirt once - and it must have transferred there from somewhere else in the house, since I hadn't been using those letters for days and hadn't been in my studio that day....
    One of the book-binders I know always takes "The Tube" on holiday with her. It's a large cardboard paper-packagaing tube, with those end-stoppers (you know what I mean?). She inevitably buys paper, wherever she goes on holiday, so The Tube is a necessary part of the packing; I think I may have to start copying her - and also take a plastic 12"x12" paper-storage box too!
    Glad you are back and that you had fun.

  7. I've been known to take photos of objects in shops. Not because I want to buy them, but rather, I've been inspired by the design or the colour combo and want to translate it to layout form at some point!
    Oh and I've definitely done the nonchalant-reach-down-to-remove-the sticker-off-the-hem-of-my-pants move whilst I'm at work.

  8. I just love that the alphabet sticker is also a co-ordinating colour with the shoe.

    Um - as a failed scrapbooker trying to get back into it again... you can tell because I'm never in any of the shots?

    I love Lizzie's tube idea!

  9. Love the sticker! This happens in our house a lot!

    Lucy x

  10. As ever, your post made me laugh! My husband is always bemused when we go ski-ing and he unpacks his ski boots to find them stuffed with pens, paints and the like!

  11. Love the sneaky O!I go for I didn't know you were taking that!pictures.

  12. Made me smile - even your 'o' is colour co-ordinated for your shoes! :)

  13. for us, it's usually more along the lines of I need more room in the bag / suitcase for art supplies... just in case I want to actually make some art while we're on vacation.

    In day to day life at home, I seem to always have either tiny paper scraps stuck somewhere on my clothes, or tiniy acrylic paint splats (that I didn't know about) on every shirt I own.


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